Hey guys! Friday is finally here! 💃💃💃 I know January has been like 17 months and a half already (😫) and you’ve got your budget all planned out. And as you know, I’m totally always looking out for pocket friendly locations you and yours can chill at. So, for today’s

Travel Journal // Yes/No ?

Posted by Iwuese Ahua on January 16, 2018
Category: General
Recently, I’ve been totally into the idea of consciously keeping a travel journal. I know a lot of people might think this cheesy. Right after wondering why a travel blogger is just considering owning a journal. First of all, I must admit that sometimes you don’t know when to stop
Collaborate kəˈlabəreɪt/ verb work jointly on an activity or project. “he collaborated with him on numerous hotel projects” synonyms: cooperate, join (up), join forces, team up, get together, come together, band together, work together, work jointly, participate, unite, combine, merge, link, ally, associate, amalgamate, integrate, form an alliance, pool resources, club together Before the end of last year, there was no denying the charge of  positive energy towards 2018 that was all
Into the wild I go: losing my way, finding my soul… There is a passion that comes with listening to people talk about the things they love. The way their eyes light up, the way their eyes glaze over, recounting experiences or how their laughter starts at the bottom of
Hey people of the great republic! How are you? Happy Holidays. (Or at least I hope you had something close to happy.) Truth is, the holidays haven’t quite been what I would call exciting. With the endless queues; fuel, ATMs, banking hall lines and others I might not directly relate