What Body Rox’s (Pun intended) and what doesn’t? Are you the perfect Eight, or the apple bottom hottie around the corner? Maybe you are the dude with the 1pack belly, Body Rox fitness studio has something special for you today, located on the 2nd floor, Silverbird Galleria, Abuja.

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Body Rox, Fitness, Gym, Abuja

While fitness is essential to the body and mind, yes mind! We have downplayed the need to stay fit and have settled for a lifestyle that endangers the body. Wearing it out on a daily basis, through the numerous activities of the day, by the loads of junk foods we consume and ill balanced nutritions.

fitness, Gym, Bikes, Strenght building

fitness, Gym, Bikes, Strenght building

Body Rox fitness studio isn’t just a regular fitness studio, its experienced trainers welcomes you into a new world of its own. They indulge you to reveal your heart desires and go over the top to enusre you get the best results and value for your money.

Most gyms abandon you to the machines to workout on your own, Body rox works with you to the very end. Talking you through, step by step… They help you discover and understand your body better, while devising the best approach to getting that desired body type.

Body Rox, Fitness, Abuja, Gym, Body Type

Body Rox, Fitness, Abuja, Gym, Body Type

Talking with fitness trainer David, he reveled that a woman’s body has so much strenght in it, we don’t even know exists. It is true that the woman may not have as much upper body strength as men do, I gathered that, our lower bodies are however, pretty strong. David also explained that we are built with so much tolerance and endurance and as such can build up the upper body too.

Body Rox, Fitness, Gym, Weight Lift, Yoga

Body Rox, Fitness, Gym, Weight Lift, Yoga

Spending in a few hours at Body Rox, I witnessed new mothers troop in for sessions to help burn the fat and strengthen weaken belly muscles from child birth. Their work out routines, are fun and challenging!

Body Rox engages in Cardio, strenght training, cross fit, body rox routines as well as yoga and other dance classes to mention a few. It is a point for exercise, health and nutrition advice.

body Rox

What are you waiting for? Make body Rox your new bff, it’s a safe and sure bet for that awesome body you’ve always desired and don’t forget the health advantages that comes with the experience. Fitness is a lifetime exercise, commit yourself today at Body Rox!!!

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