It was lunch time and the girls and I headed out to grab something to eat. A stroll from the office towards a local Buka joint around AP plaza wuse two, Abuja, took a detour when our attention was turned towards the beautiful display outside Chicken Republic, AP plaza road. It was a promo: “REFILL COMBO”. The pack had one part jollof or fried rice and chicken to go for just #500.

Just our luck we thought, the Sun was scorching hot and we definitely needed some air conditioning. We had picked a wrong day to stroll under the blazing sun, it was about 20 minutes from Hell where we stood. We convinced ourselves that we could do with a good affordable meal in a conditioned place with good cable network and a decent rest room.

We walked into our fantasy land and to our greatest amazement, it was really hot in there, I was too hungry and just cared about the hot spicy chicken I would be having for lunch. Five minutes later, after tolerating the almost rude (for lack of words) attendant, we looked for a table to sit at. it was shocking to find that there were no tables for four to sit at. While it wasn’t a big deal pulling another chair, we were just grateful only three of us had ordered lunch because the tables were too damn small for four people – definately wouldn’t work for a family outing!


Amidst the heat, my consolation price was the well prepered fried Chicken I had, the Jollof rice was just by the way, there was no music or cable channel on and to top it up the convenience had no mirrors! like really!!! I guess.I got the value back for my #500 package excluding the drinks of course.

Anyway, a few minutes later, I made a stop at Cold Stone creamery around Glo office wuse two, Abuja (this time we drove) and I soon forgot about my horrid experience at Chicken Republic (cant get those white old tiles out of my mind), the place was properly airconditioned and there was very subtle music playing in the background, definitely a go-to place to chill out for lunch. The attendants were so nice, we only ordered the smallest bowl of Ice cream: coffee and chocolate flavour and paid #1,200 naira for it but I know I’ll be going back there in no time. I got the value for my money and some.

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