Are you always occupied with work, and need to get away every now and then? Do you enjoy sitting out with friends and family for a quick drink? Or would prefer an evening out with the guys playing pool or throwing Darts? Would you like to enjoy up to 5% discounts in the cost to do all of these?


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Need to relax after work and watch a football match over a chilled bottle of alcohol and Suya, away from preying eyes at a Choice location within Abuja, surrounded with greens?


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Nook garden offers that and much more…

Nook garden is strategically positioned in a relaxed environment to work and chill at the same time. Located in the NOOK of zone 5, after Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps, NSCDC by the People’s Democratic Party, PDP Secretariat, once you step into the garden the soft music in the background invites you in with an ease.


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Nook gives you an opportunity to enjoy the cool evening weather in Abuja, in a serene environment. With up to 5% discounts on the cost, you can now spend less for maximum fun. It is open to customers almost round the clock, with an in- house cook, Point and kill fish and pepper soup dishes.

Bookings Nigeria in partnership with Nook would be giving up to 5% discount to her customers who would be visiting this spot this festive period through bookings Nigeria.

Hurry and contact us to get this awesome deal this Easter, for you, and your loved ones.


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