Ever dreamt of that mouth watering Efo Riro with Assorted Meat? I had the best ever today, at Kemi Delicacies. The jaw dropping dish caught my eye, it left me silivating! I could not wait to dive into that, and by the time I was done with the meal, the restaurant knew they just won a new soul. I left the plate spotless clean!

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Situated at the heart of Maitama, No. 16 Usuma close, behind Maitama Amusement Park, Kemi Delicacy makes the best African dishes ever! Ofcourse, I stuck around to get objectively monitor their service delivery and packaging, and I’m telling you – BYE BYE IYA OYO.

I was beyond impressed with the attendants and the service. The place was properly arranged and the attendants were really nice, in their uniforms. Kemi Delicacies, has ensured that those looking to eat healthy and maintain a particular radiance in their skin tone out. They have a variety of freshly made juice and smoothies to go with their meals on demand.

African Dishes, Kemi Delicacies, Abuja

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If you are done battling with flies and looking for that place that serves you that African cuisine, in a properly air- conditioned environment, visit Kemi delicacy today.

Bookings NIgeria

Bookings NIgeria

Bookings Nigeria, assures you of the best today! So all my food lovers, Meat lovers, mende mende people dem, lol rush down here. Give your wife that treat she deserves this easter, let Kemi Delicacies, spark up your taste buds!

It’s better to cry in a BMW, than on a keke napep, worry no more about the weather, and those crazy flies… thanks to Kemi Delicacies!!!

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