Everyone knows wednesdays is a good day to be at SilverBird Cinema, Abuja so, today I decided to spend my lunch break seeing a movie there. I was excited about the movie, “Dead Pool” and my super hot actor crush, Ryan Reynolds… lol. Anyway, I was running late and the only thing on my mind was the traffic at the entrance into the Silverbird. It was so good to drive in without any traffic.

“Third floor please,” I told the attendant in the elevator, couldn’t help perceiving a little stench in the elevator with the heat and all… and I’m not suggesting anything. We got to the movie stand and bought our tickets. At this point it was 5 minutes to movie time.

I stopped for a quick picture of the Arcade games place there and to my surprise, the people stationed there, said I wasn’t allowed to take pictures. I was a bit upset that they said so, I recalled the sign at the entrance of the gallery, “No smoking, No wet Umbrella”… blah blah. I am a hundred percent sure there was no rules against camera’s or taking pictures. For a start, its a public place and what is the fun in all that, if I do not have pictures to remember my experience? I was really upset about this because, I recall making videos in the said gaming place last November while playing games with my Sister – In – law. I guess phone camera’s don’t apply to the rule.


I observed the color paint guy, roaming about in search for his next victim… I fell for his trickery once, I had my face painted and looked like Maleficient from snow white.

“Fourth Floor,” and I walked over to the popcorn stand, with my sense of entitlement I waited my turn and requested my Free Popcorn and drink, I mean isn’t that why we love SilverBird wednesdays… free drinks and popcorn.

Here I was with my two phones, a purse, popcorn and drink… I should have come along with my bag,did not see this coming. I politely asked for a nylon bag for my popcorn and coke, and the attendant said, “Sorry no bag”. I stood there for a few minutes… someone else had just requested for a bag and was given one.

Anyway, my super girl moves kicked in and I managed to carry my phones, purse, popcorn and drink away. Then it occured to me that it was probably because mine was free. I came back and asked, “I dont get a bag because its free, right?”, and she responded, “Yes”. Yep!, I became an Octopos because of my free drink and Popcorn.

I guess the free tag hanging over my head also means do – it – yourself too. I mean, was it really that hard to help a sister out? Dead Pool, kicked ass, the comedy relief was so good and the script was carefully crafted, it was worth every inconvenience. However, the airconditioning was so poor, I miss the days when you had to be fully kitted for the cold in the cinema room. It was hot in there and we had a Dead Pool script writer in there who made it a point to let us all know, he knew Dead Pool’s sentences word for word *eye’s rolling.


On my way out I observed that the Galleria wasn’t as busy as it ought to be on a wednesday, Maybe the Dollar hike has affected business there too.


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