Excess luggage? Travelling Light 101

Are you a victim of packing heavy or have you had to pay for excess luggage one too many times? You don’t have to experience that any more. Welcome, to Travelling light 101.

Excess luggage, Travelling Light Bookings Nigeria

The process of packing for a journey can be so hectic sometimes, you get so confused battling with what goes and what should be left behind. While this has no educational requirement, it is a fine art on its own. There are no defined do’s or don’ts, however, global trotters who live for the road and new experiences agree that we all need LESS!

With that settled, let us begin!

ONE carry – on bag. Every airline has specifications for what is allowed as a carry – on bag. It is advisable to ensure you luggage ends there – one bag. Start with a bag that fits into a planes overhead compartment easily, this ensures safety and easy accessibility of your luggage. It is less likely to be stolen, damaged or missing. Last minute changes of flight plans become simpler and you are no longer an easy target to Con artists looking for the next tourist to con.

packing light Travelling Light Bookings Nigeria

You walk with your luggage more than you might anticipate, it would save you some cash and reduce stress to have just one bag to carry. You can’t chase down that bus or train that accidentally left you behind with ease, if you’ve got more than one bag with you.

The law of TRILOGY. To ensure you are travelling light, adopt the trilogy rule which is #3 pieces of every clothing you need. 3 underwears, 3 shirts, 3 pants/skirts/shorts or a mixture of all three if you are a female, 3 pairs of stockings

COMFY shoes. You don’t need a variety of shoes woman! What you need is a pair of comfortable (comfy) shoes, sandals, slippers or boots depending on the location you are visiting and activities you have plannd out.

carry on bag 1 Travelling light Bookings Nigeria light packing


Extra tips.

Explore airline loopholes – Wearing isn’t carrying. Taking a small shoulder bag or hand bag is allowed. This could be used to carry gift items for friends and souvenirs on the return trip, it could also contain your gadgets, make up purse, wallet, important documents, sunglasses and camera to mention a few.

Choosing your clothing- Always go for light clothes, you could always take one jacket along for really cold weather. Synthetic clothes are lighter than cotton clothes. This ensures that you pack lighter. Plus, they can be folder to smaller sizes and laundered easily. Also, go for clothings that could be worn more than once before it becomes necessary to wash them.

1/2 of the things you need can be bought- Give yourself the chance to explore new cities and try out their local stuff. The world isn’t as babrbaric as it used to be. This simply means you could get almost everything you need from local shops. Like Slippers, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo… you get the drill.

Travelling light is not a goal but a process, every seasoned traveller you interact with will always favour packing light. You can always get better!

Mercy’s essential Pack list brought to you by Bookings Nigeria:

Back Pack, Passport and other important documents,

The Three’s ; shirts, trouser, shorts, skirts

One Jacket (optional based on the weather)

Comfy shoes, sandals, slipper

Note pad, pen


Camera and other gadgets



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