Visiting somewhere new? Tips on how to survive

Arriving at a new place can be both exciting and scary. The first time I visited Kano State, I was so glad I understood Hausa. Until then, It never occurred to me that there could be a time when the language would be a life saver.

I recall the story of a friend who got stranded in one of those really local places in Daura, she told me that it was the scariest experience in her life. She caught the last car heading that way but was so unlucky, the driver kept making pitt stops along the journey, they arrived Daura very late and before they could make it to proper civilization the car broke down. It was 8:30pm and her mobile phones were dead, she couldn’t retrieve the number she needed to call.

stranded Bookings Nigeria How to Survive

At that point in time, everyone else had alighted the car and it was just her and the driver left. What the driver did was shocking! He just got down, stopped a bike (okada) rider, communicated with him and they rode off together. Now things just got real for her!

A few minutes later, she saw some young girls all covered up in Hijab coming her way. For the first time, she felt hope. Happy she would get help from these harmless girls. The moment she approached them and said hello…

stranded How to Survive, Bookings Nigeria,

These girls took to their Heels! Yes they ran…

What to expect when you visit a place for the first time.

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Are you a foodie like me? My love for food is unconditional! it cannot be traded for anything. This is why I take the time out to find out the type of food I’m likely to come across in this new places. Sometimes I go as far as trying the food at home or in restaurants before I travel. Option two: Pack garri and groundnut along with you. Be sure to note this…


When in Rome, act like the Romans. You can’t go to a place with a culture that doesn’t tolerate nudity and be half naked on the street… It would be so sad and hurting to have to walk, the WALK OF SHAME! Ladies you know what I mean.


Always make sure to check and double check the weather forecast for that region. You don’t want to be caught under the rain, struggling to get a cab while carrying you luggage.

Enough said! You can’t got wrong with these tips.


Mercy’s tourist guide quick dip;

Always carry a power bank to charge your gadgets, a note pad with important numbers jotted down and try to learn how to say Hello in the native language of the place you are visiting.


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