Top #3 Outdoor Hang Out spots in Abuja

The Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, Abuja is filled with so many beautiful places to visit and just lounge at. Bookings Nigeria, after extensive research, using our own standards and discretion, created our own top #3 outdoor hangout spots in Abuja.

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While the night time is fun with lots of clubs to visit, most of our Abuja peeps, prefer to hang out at gardens, to enjoy nature at its finest and the various activities the night holds for them.

So here goes our top #3 outdoor hangout spots in Abuja, in no particular order:

#1. The Secret Garden – Riverplate Park, off Ahmadu Belo Way. This garden is the perfect spot for love birds, friends and family outings. It is no tell tale that they make the best-est Pizza in Abuja. With a really nice night view, and evenings with Nigerian live bands. It has a mini playground for Kids and does really cool Karaoke nights.

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#2. Traffic – 8 Missouri Maitama. Almost every active youth in Abuja or lover’s of beautiful places with very good services, are familiar with Traffic! Located at a choice spot, it has this aura that leaves you relaxed and excited at the same time. Its tranquil setting is picturesque, with awesome choices of seating. If you love Shisha, theirs is off the top awesome!

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#3. SkyBar Rooftop Lounge – 104 Kwamme Nkrumah Crescent, Summerset, Asokoro Abuja. This breathe taking rooftop bar is just the IT- place in Abuja. This place is lit and the right spot to take that special one to. SkyBar Rooftop lounge offers the coolest cuisines, a nice view across and promises of fun!!!

sky-roof Sky-Bar-Rooftop SkyBar Rooftop Lounge Summerset Asokoro Bookings Nigeria

You know what they say, you only live once!

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