Why we love Obudu Plateau – Calabar

The Obudu Plateau is a stunning area of natural beauty located in Southern Nigeria. It marks the highest peak in the Cross River State, at about 1,575 meters above sea level, the drive to the plateau is a long 11kilometres of winding road. It is in itself an exciting experience and provides the perfect picturesque.

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Enjoy the eerie atmosphere that results from the tall, dense forests where the branches form a canopy that completely prevents the Sun from filtering through.

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Hike the Obudu Plateau to the Gorilla camp and observe the Gorilla’s in their natural habitat.

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On the Plateau, cattles are bred on a ranch for fresh milk, butter and cheese which can be purchased at the diary shop. At such a high altitude, the views are absolutely breathtaking and the air is clean and fresh.

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There is also a spectacular grotto which substitutes as a natural swimming pool with glistering, clean waterand a great view of the long winding waterfall.

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