Freedom Square : A day at Owerri, Imo State

My trip to Uyo was a very short one, I was caught on a hop by the town. Every second of my stay was memorble but, it was time to say goodbye. All roads led to Owerri, the capital city of Imo State, located in the south eastern part of Nigeria. A predominantly Igbo speaking community with English language as their official language. I took a bus ride from the ABC bus park in Uyo to Owerri, it was a 2 hours 30 minute bus ride.

Before I dozed off, I got a few glimpse of Ikot Ekpene town, in the outskirts of Uyo and I made a mental note to visit the town in the future. I heard the famous Ibeno beach is located in the town. Ikot Ekpene seemed to be a decent enough town to reside in. It had good roads, I could see light in a few places and a few Federal parastatals set up in the town.

After about an hours ride, we got to Abia State, another state located in the South Eastern part of Nigeria. I passed through the Micheal Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike Abia State. An hour or so later, we were at the ABC bus park, Owerri where I boarded a taxi to my hotel.

I laid back on my bed and images from my stay in Uyo kept flashing through my head, soon I dozed off.

9′ o clock in the morning, I was fully rested and ready for a tour round Owerri. My tour guide – Tochi a pleasant looking young man, came by the hotel and we were out and about in no time. I was told that Owerri city is known for its many center of attractions for tourists. It was time to find out.

First stop was the Freedom Square.

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The square is a ground upon which politics, power, force, religion and dominance mean absolutely nothing. It is a sacred ground where freedom in its truest form takes shape. Freedom square is the one place in the whole of Nigeria where you are allowed to express yourself fully without anyform of hindrance.

I listened intently as my tour guide – Tochi explained how several peaceful protests have been carried out upon the ground. Tochi explained that no matter how little you are, poor, or old no one stops you from airing your views without fear of oppression by the Government or those in power. I quickly googled freedom square and I was amazed to find out that this was really true.

One of fundamental rights of humans is the right to speech and that gift cannot be traded for anything else. Tochi noted that once you set foot upon those grounds, you are as free as a bird, for as long as you like. No one can shut you up.

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