MADIBA antique afrocentric hub

Madiba antique afrocentric hub is an Art themed bar, grill, restaurant and event centre. It is located in the heart of Abuja, Arts and crafts village 1519 cadastral zone, central business district. The eye catchers are, the sculpture head of Mandela and the sculpture of a man sitting playing a broken guitar.

Madida Arts and Craft Abuja Bookings Nigeria Broken Guitar Madiba Arts and Craft Abuja Bookings Nigeria Nelson Mandela Madiba Arts and Craft Abuja Bookings Nigeria

A lot of thinking was put into the making of this place which was why I gave a Kudus to the owner of Madiba – Mr Chika who revealed that he built and designed the place himself. That’s creativity!

The glass windows gives off that feeling you get when you live in a glass house, with thatched roofs. The place is fringed on both sides with a sit out bar/ sports place. You can enjoy cool evenings playing snooker, order grills and just listen to good music.

It is the perfect spot for romantic dinners, pre and post wedding parties, engagement dinners, and private parties. It has a private deck upstairs hidden from sight at initial glance.

Madiba Arts and Craft Abuja Bokings Nigeria  Madiba Arts and Craft Bookings Nigeria

Madiba Arts and Craft Bookings NigeriaThe michellin trained chefs have exotic dishes, continental and African meals with cocktail mixes, fine wines, alcoholic drinks and palm wine. Its strategic location makes it a top tourism location, just a few feets away from the Arts and Crafts village market.

After a busy day shopping or seeing a movie, Madiba is the perfect haven to relax, enjoy good food, and let the atmosphere work its magic on you.

It has on display, small decorations, ornaments, scupture heads and beautiful paintings of some reknown world leaders like President Barack Obama, President Muhammadu Buhari, and a painting of young Biafran pioneer Chukwuemeka Ojukwu amongst others for sale. The place is quite intriguing and picturesque.

Madiba Arts and Crafts Bookings Nigeria

The outdoor bar is the perfect after work hub with a snooker table and a live Dj to keep you entertained.

Contact us today to plan a platinum buffet for 10 guests + 8 dishes, DJ, 2 bottles of house champagne for a reasonable deal on +2348173463727.


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