Yankari National Park is located in Bauchi State, in NorthEastern Nigeria and is a popular tourism destination in the country. It is located about 225 km east of the city of Jos and is the country’s richest wildlife oasis. The reserve is home to the largest surviving  Elephant population in Nigeria and one of the largest in West Africa.

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The reserve is covered mainly by Sudan Savanna vegetation and stretches over a total area of 2,244 square Km. Until 1991 when it was upgraded to a National park, it was originally created as a game reserve in 1956. The reserve has a natural habitat where animals are allowed to reproduce naturally without any human interference.

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Yankari National reserve is managed by Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Bauchi State. The Tranquil ambience of the reserve cannot be over exaggerated. The staff and guides at the reserve have been properly trained to give tour guides and provide the necessary assistance to guests and make your stay as pleasant as possible.

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Within the reserve lies a well stocked Artifacts Museum that captures in details a well curated wealth of information. They have on display, a wide range of Artifacts, to feast your eyes on. From the skins of wild animals, to the hoofs of exotic birds. They also feature guns and traps seized from poachers who make attempts to shoot and kill some of the animals in the reserve for their selfish gains.

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A tour around the reserve would introduce you to a wide variety of animals. The Impalas, elephant, leopards and wild exotic birds to mention a few. A trip round the reserve would leave you blown away. Each turn presents in itself a new discovery. The road networks in the reserve are not paved. The bridges are made of woods and stones you could feel the refreshing expanse of nature.

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Asides sight seeing, there are lots of fun activities to engage in on the reserve. Mountain climbing is always a fun thing to do with a group of people. It could be the perfect time to bond with your spouse or partner or serve as the perfect recreational activity with family or as a corporate entity.

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Taking a dip at the Wikki warm spring is another sport to engage in. The spring is pure and clean and the coolest thing about it is that its always warm.


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Another spot to visit at the reserve is the Marshall caves. It is a pleasnt reminder of the pre-historic nature of man living in Nigeria. The caves are small and really deep and surprisingly very cold inside-out.

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Yankari National park is definitely a place you need to visit. The coming Sallah break offers the perfect oppurtunity for a family to embark on a three days get away at the reserve. Contact us at Bookings Nigeria, 08189416000 or Visit our website to view available flights an make hotel reservations. Be sure to write me when you do!


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