Zior furniture and effects, Abuja

Zior Furniture and Effects Abuja

Have you ever walked into a living room, office, hotel lobby, or a general waiting area and noticed the beautiful statement furniture and effects used for the decor and wondered where you could acquire one of these plush luxury pieces for yourself or your establishment? Zior furniture & effects has you covered.



Zior furniture and effects is a state of the art furniture and living space effects store that provides top notch, quality items like sofas, office furniture, bed frames, dining and living room pieces.

There is also a rich selection of lamps, lighting accessories, chandeliers and other fixtures  for home, office and other establishments.



All furniture is of standard quality; carefully crafted and designed by Turkish standards.


Elegant dining table and chairs set with free standing cupboard, mirrored chest, chandelier and lamp fixtures all from Zior furniture & effects.”

Zior furniture & effects also offers an array of fixtures like chandeliers , lamps and center pieces to give your home, office space, hotel or other establishments a more picturesque and enchanting allure.

There is an assurance of durability and value for your money’s worth; it’s  comfort and style at its best when shopping with Zior.

Here are some sublime furniture and fixtures available at the store.

"Queen sized bed with statement headboard and post from Zior furnituree & effects"
Queen sized poster bed with statement headboard  and side stools.


"Platform bed with side drawers, footstool, bedside lamp and free standing mirrored chest from Zior furniture & effects"
Platform bed with side drawers, footstool, bedside lamp and free standing mirrored chest.


Zior furniture & effects caters to the differing tastes of her customers and still maintains topmost elegance and quality in all products. Products displayed are only a sample of the items in stock at the store and a visit could showcase a whole lot of other beautiful designs available for purchase.

To shop for these beautiful pieces and more locate the store at Plot 492 A. A. Zauro Plaza, Ahmadu Bello Way, Kado District, Suites B403/B404, Abuja.

Contact Numbers ; +2340877745177, +234708200002.














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  1. Richard Clark says: Reply

    Where’s zior’s showroom in Abuja?

    1. Iwuese Ahua says: Reply

      Hello, Richard
      Zior furniture showroom is located at plot 492 A.A. Zauro Plaza, Ahmadu Bello Way, Kado District, suites B403/B404, Abuja. Furniture can however be delivered. you can call the contact numbers in the post for more information. Thanks!

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