Travel hacks to curb trip trippin’

So you know how everyone has a coping mechanism for traveling, right? I’m going to tell you a few stuff that has gotten me through most of my travels. Stuff other people seem to often neglect but truly would be a life changing and even saving experience if you take seriously. For this article I’ll be focusing on road travel. This is cos everyone has a tale or three to tell about theirs, I’m sure. So here’s a short list of stuff I do or have to help and reasons why.

Road Travel

 The Hacks

Road travel can be quite tiresome to embark on. Especially when it’s not a road trip with your favorite people and that one friend with a lit playlist riding shotgun and handling the auxiliary chord. One of the perfect times for my mother to pack a sack of yams, fried chicken and other stuff I get to discover when I unpack. And yes, there’s usually ‘nune’ in there somewhere.


Ticket booked and checked, luggage all packed into the trunk and seat taken. This is where the tips come into play for me;

  • Get earphones and make a travel playlist. A compilation of your favorite songs in the world is sure to calm you while you make serious life decisions or just to help you reenact scenes of your favorite movie with you as the lead  and the perfect OST while you cancel out the chaotic interactions in your vehicle. If you’re not one for drifting arguments and topics that come with traveling or just want to take a break from participation, this is the way forward.



  • Always have an extra pack of gum or mint sweets. This is actually a life saving tip. Sometimes some passengers are in too much of a hurry to catch the bus and forget a little morning hygiene. On rare occasions those passengers are seated next to you and enjoy engaging in the occasional idle conversation. Sometimes, you are that passenger 🙁 .
bad breath
“The dragon breath effect”
“The antidote”


  • Keep a scarf or handkerchief close. This has proven to get me out of very dire circumstances. On one of my many misadventures, a friend and I were seated behind a driver that had a habit of raising one arm up while driving. What’s the problem you ask? We were seated directly in the line of his armpits in front of the air conditioning vent. Our eyes watered (I kid you not); scarves saved our lives that day.
  •  Scarf hacks are the best for those dusty routes that leave us with a sore throat or an annoying full blown cold. Ladies, sometimes there are those ’emergencies’ that leave us in very embarrassing circumstances. With a scarf or even a sweater within reach , it can be a really helpful.
  • Wear a sturdy pair of jeans. One of my misadventures had me doing splits and twists over other passengers and seats one time. Actually, our only way out of that bus was through the trunk. Not a fan of jeans? Check out your wardrobe for any of your clothes that helps your inner Simone Biles shine.


  • Have a small polythene bag close. Motion sickness has the tendency to creep up on you at any moment. In my case I had to offer it to a neighbor with my scarf wrapped tightly (again) over my face.
  • Stay close to the vehicle at all stops . You don’t want to be that passenger chasing their vehicle down the express screaming “Driver , wait fes!”

left behind


  • Dirty hands, spilled drinks and other annoying stains can be sorted out with a trusty pack of baby wipes. Carrying a pack around travel or no is actually a great life hack in general. You can always pick a brand that suits you best.


  • Watch your eating a night before your trip. It’s really rude to lie that you’re sweating from a fever to strangers. Plus, you don’t want to be the stink bomb of the trip. You know there’s always that one guy, right?
“The guy you don’t want to be”


There you have it! Those are the weird but basic things I try to remember  to do before road travel. Stories I’ve heard are as hilarious as they are sad but with a couple of the gems I dropped (lol), they could easily be tackled.

So go forth road tripper and conquer the world, one kilometer at a time!

P.S. Do remember to have a bottle of water handy. My sister has had to wash puke out of her hair. Yup, that actually can happen.

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