Art in today’s Nigeria; hubs to check out

“Art, can make a difference because it pulls people up short. It says, don’t accept things for their face value; you don’t have to go along with any of this; you can think for yourself.”_  Jeanette Winterson


Art is a universal language. It permeates the barriers of race, tribe, religion and other ideals. There is room for free expression of those emotions where basic words fail. The energy of art is not only felt by the artist alone but gives room for others to feel and relate to the wonder of it.


As artists or as lovers of the arts, there are times when you need a proper environment to basically exist. What if I told you there are actually places to visit that would give you the chance to bask in this wonder I speak of?

The artisan lairs

In the previous post I mentioned my ‘struggle’ with visual art but my love for it and all other forms regardless. I figured there are other people like me who long to attend book readings, spoken word gatherings, dance sessions, live music performances and art exhibitions too. So, here are a few places below that could be just what you’re looking for.

Bogobiri House, Lagos

Bogobiri House, Lagos is the true definition of an art hub. With their core values being to promote art, music and knowledge, the Bogobiri House is an artisan gold mine. All art forms are expressed, experienced and appreciated giving everyone a place to belong and something to relate to. With a special Thursday night open mic no one is ever left out in the Bogobiri House.

The business also covers hotel accommodations and top notch restaurant services. This is definitely one place to try out if you’re ever in the center of excellence.

"Bogobiri House, Lagos. Source :"
“Bogobiri House, Lagos. Source :”


"Bogobiri arts and crafts gift store. Source : @bogobirihouse , Twitter"
“Bogobiri arts and crafts gift store. Source : @bogobirihouse , Twitter”


"Sculptures at the Bogobiri House, Lagos. Source : @bogobirihouse, Twitter"
“Sculptures at the Bogobiri House, Lagos. Source : @bogobirihouse, Twitter”


"Outside area of the Bogobiri House. Source : @bogobirihouse, Twitter"
“Outside area of the Bogobiri House. Source : @bogobirihouse, Twitter”


Sueno Lounge, Abuja

Sueno Lounge, Abuja is basically a celebratory temple for all things art. The ambience, decor and even the people you meet there are simply beautiful. Due to their in depth encouragement for the arts, events are organized to enable artists and enthusiasts alike bond in this appreciation for a common interest.

Sueno is not just a lounge but also offers gym memberships, spa services and has an in house chef. This is not something you want to miss out on.

"Sueno Lounge area. Source : @suenoabuja, Instagram"
“Sueno Lounge area. Source : @suenoabuja, Instagram”


"Artists at work , Sueno Lounge. Source : @suenoabuja, Instagram"
“Artists at work , Sueno Lounge. Source : @suenoabuja, Instagram”

H2O, Calabar

From the bushman themed decor to the exotic house pets and aesthetic statement pieces, H2O, Calabar is definitely a lounge I’d recommend any one to try out. Always ready to accommodate any activities which promote the arts , from fashion to entertainment and live band performances. It has undeniably earned a spot on this list.

"Live performance , H2O. Source :""
“Live performance , H2O. Source :””

Art and Crafts village, Abuja

Art and Crafts village, Abuja is one of the most popular art hubs to artists and art lovers. It is the perfect center for any one looking to buy art pieces, locally made jewellery and clothing too. Art and Crafts village is known to be one of the tourist centers in Abuja as well.

With the village built with hut styled structures, the shops are adorned with African masks, figurines, paintings and shops with the traditional adire (tye and dye) materials.

"Craft shops, Arts and rafts village Abuja"
“Craft shops, Art and Crafts village Abuja”





The Cube Cafe, Abuja

The Cube Cafe, Abuja is one of those places that gives you the feeling of walking into the scene of a book or a movie. It is so surreal and almost like nostalgia smacks you right across the face. At the same time , this place makes you feel like you’ve walked right home. How can you not though? from the smells wafting from the back with the aroma of coffee in the air. Beautiful music playing in the background, a board with postcards and photos from everywhere, a book shelf, old records and a display of art work.

The Cube Cafe organizes movie nights, themed parties, book readings and art lessons for beginners. I honestly could go on how amazing this place is but you really have to try it out.

"Souvenirs and collections at The Cube cafe."
“Souvenirs and collections at The Cube cafe. Source : @thecubecafe, Instagram”



These are just a handful of artisan lairs to check out of course. If you know of any other places like these,  please drop us a message in the comment section below. Have an amazing weekend ahead! 😀


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