Mustard Restaurant and Bar

Ever needed a venue for a breakfast meeting, your lunch break or a lounge to hangout for evening drinks? Mustard Restaurant and Bar is one of those places that can literally carry you from day to night.

Formerly known as Ambience Restaurant, I can confidently say the name might have changed but that feature still remains. With a beautifully decorated interior and an outside area, Mustard restaurant and bar is the perfect place for all kinds of events. From dinners to birthday parties, business meetings to even bridal showers.

Mustard Restaurant

The Restaurant serves an array of different dishes at affordable prices. From local to continental dishes with topnotch catering and culinary services. There is no doubt you’d get your money’s worth.





"Mustard Restaurant "
“Mustard Restaurant “


"Different set up for an event"
“Different set up for an event”

There is also a choice of finger foods, fries and roasts served with fresh juice on order or any other drink of your choice. Prices are very fair and you can comfortably go dutch with friends too. Football lovers can watch their games here too. 😀

Mustard Bar

Drinks at the bar are also another thing to try out. Drinks from cocktails to mocktails, and other enjoyable beverages are a full option on the menu. Also very pocket friendly if I might add.

"Mustard bar area"
“Mustard bar area”


"Lounge area by the bar"
“Lounge area by the bar”

The bar area is furnished with beautiful lounge chairs to help you relax and unwind. Music selection is also pleasant ; low enough to encourage conversation but clear enough to make you do the famous chair dance. So in case you were wondering, no, you don’t have to shout above the music and have that awkward moment where the music ends mid sentence.

Outside Area

Whoever put this place together was definitely sure what they were doing. The outside area is right before you walk into the restaurant and bar. With astroturf floors, a pool table and the grill and shawarma stand all located here. You honestly don’t want to miss out on this.


“Outside area”







Located in Discovery Mall on the popular Ademola Adetokunbo rescent in WuseII , Abuja. The Mustard restaurant and Bar is not hard to find at all. So if you”re ever looking for anywhere to splurge on a budget in the Capital, this is definitely a place to try out.


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