Worlds lost in between

There have been different debates as to whether there are worlds other than the one we exist in. Debates often  stemmed from the angles if there are any parallel or alternate worlds or universes. Are you familiar with the ‘deja vu’ phenomenon? This is French for ‘already seen’. This is a phenomenon where a presently experienced event feels like it has happened before. It happens in the middle of conversations or when we visit certain places.

Given our different dispositions or religious backgrounds this becomes a rather testy subject, don’t you think? What if I showed you though? Places where the past and present collide. Grounds we might not have walked but might be  somewhat nostalgic for. Places already seen and experienced but we could still be a part of.

Here is a list of abandoned worlds that are a close blend between utopia and dystopia.

Hachijo Royal Hotel, Hachijo-jima, Japan


Hachijo Royal Hotel is located on the island of Hachijo-jima. A volcanic island in the Philippine sea. It was opened in 1963, when the island was being promoted as the Hawaii of Japan.

The hotel was however closed down in 2003 for unclear reasons. Even though it is abandoned and overtaken by nature, it is still a major tourist attraction.

Plymouth Courthouse building, Montserrat


Following a volcanic eruption in July 1995, Montserrat’s capital, Plymouth, was completely buried by ash. Two-thirds of the population left as half of the island became uninhabitable due to further eruptions.

The city has the  unique distinction of being the only one with a ghost town as its capital.

Orpheum Theatre, New Bedford, Massachusetts


The orpheum theatre is an old theatre and movie house that belonged to the French sharpshooters club. The theatre became part of Radio-Keith-Orpheum, the Hollywood movie studio and distribution company in 1928.

the building was sold in 1962 and it was used for a while as a storage by a tobacco company. The building is currently privately owned; the back of it currently houses supermarkets while the rest is empty.

City Hall station , New York city


This Romanesque revival style train station was opened in 1904. It was designed to be the showpiece of the New York City subway.

Adorned with skylights, colored glass and brass chandeliers, the City Hall station was a showpiece indeed. However due to its tightly curved platform longer subway carriages were unable to stop there. Passenger services were discontinued in 1945.

Rotunda, Wola Gasworks, Warsaw


Wola gasworks was built in 1886-1888. Destroyed during the second world war, then rebuilt, the Wola gasworks finally closed in the early 1970s when the city switched to natural gas.

The gaswork has since become a museum but the rotunda remains dilapidated.


These are just a few of the abandoned places that have become somewhat forgotten in other parts of the world. Do you know of any places like these in Nigeria? Please drop a comment below and let us know. Follow up posts will be done to help us discover these wonders to keep the past and the present alive.

P.S ;

Details from the post were gotten from the guardian, wikipedia and wikimapia.

All images were sourced from the guardian.

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