Some days it feels like you’re walking on sunshine. Other days it’s like all the elements and the host of heaven are against you. This week alone I’ve almost cried three times cos I honestly was just tired. However because my days have been rather drab doesn’t mean I don’t look out for the little things that make me smile.

“But this is a travel blog nau!” yes, I know but I know that like me, some days are tough for you as well. So today’s post is to share with you what I do on those days that aren’t mine. You can try it out too, just might help. 🙂

Make a playlist for bad days

One of my favorite things to do is listen to music. Music to me is one of the most powerful things ever. I’m sure like me you have a playlist for almost everything; cooking, travel, harmattan (yes, I have a playlist for this too), workout and a lot of other stuff. So it’s alright to make a playlist for times like these as well. Your favorite artist or some upbeat music would be great for those low times.



Call a loved one

I know this may sound very ‘agbayaish’ but hearing my moms voice on days like this calms me. Call up your parents, a sibling, your best friend, someone that will listen. It does a world of good, I promise you.



Spring clean

Clear out your space. Whether it’s at home, the office or a personal work space. Organizing helps me feel like I at least have some control even in tiniest bit.



Writing for me is very cathartic. I take the time to pour it all out on paper or in text. It gets me through the roughest of times. You know how you feel better when you’re ill and throw up? (sorry) I kid you not, this is exactly how I feel after I write.

Quill and ink

Eat dry bread slices

I honestly don’t understand this myself, don’t worry. Still, it really does get me through (lol).

“When life gives you tears, buy bread!”….that sounded way better in my head.



Twitter actually gets me through the good, the bad and the ugly. It educates me as much as it makes me laugh. I still wonder how that app is free.

There’s a ton of other things I may not be able to mention. However you can take these things and replace them with your personal interests. It may be exercising or traveling or dancing or watching tv. Whatever it is though when a bad day tries to get you down find something you love and let it cheer you up.





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Mngohol · October 19, 2016 at 7:43 pm

I love this post!

    Iwuese Ahua · October 20, 2016 at 4:18 pm

    Thank you very much, Mngohol. 🙂

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