3 Healthy Nigerian drinks to try

Being healthy is one of the things that has become topmost priority. This is not in Nigeria alone but a worldwide thing. In fact the wave of the ‘fit fam’ has just recently hit Nigerians hard. People are working out more, eating healthy and cutting down other habits that may jeopardize this healthy all round life style.

There are certain foods and drinks that we grew up knowing but never considering the health benefits. To help our journey on this healthy living I’ll be listing a few drinks that are safe to indulge in. Seeing as we may have taken carbonated drinks off the menu, these can easily replace them.


Zobo is a popular Nigerian drink. It is served at parties and other occasions or made for the house. It is tasty and very good for the body. Zobo is known to include relief from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, as well as digestive, immune system, and inflammatory problems.


Zobo leaves are dried and sold in the market and preparation is very easy. It can also be store-bought as it is packaged and sold as ‘Hibiscus tea.’


Kunun Aya

Kunun Aya is a drink made from tiger nuts. Milk from the tiger nuts is extracted and filtered. It is rich in taste and is enjoyed by all ages. Coconut milk and dates can be added to give it an even richer taste.


It has anti-inflammatory properties, helps with ulcers, boosts fertility and is rich in vitamin E.


Kunun Zaki

This is a popular health drink made from millet. It is rich in fiber and protein and is very nourishing. After drinking this, it sometimes feels like you had a full meal!


Thinking of totally cutting out fizzy drinks? These would be a perfect replacement….


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