Nigerian TV shows ; new age, new rave

Who knows what Nigerian TV show this from? “Those who live in glass houses don’t throw stones. cos if they do *insert correct lyrics* …storms they can’t control…”

Nigerian TV shows in the 90s were so interesting! After the storm (expo), Tales by moonlight, Baba Suwe…  I remember rushing home from school to watch with my family. The best part for me was actually having to sit with them and listen to the theories and side comments. Not just for the Nigerian shows but those telenovelas NTA and AIT introduced. Wild Rose, Mara de Los Angeles, Second Chance, Passions, Secret of the sand? Tv was full with great content.

This doesn’t mean Nigerian TV is doing badly now. In fact there are so many new age TV shows with a medium for an even better reach. Then we had to struggle with our antennas for our favorite shows on that one station that aired it.

Now you have the option of watching online (Iroko TV is actually a great site to check out) or recording on your DSTV. In light of this I’ll be listing out a few really interesting Nigerian TV shows to try out. Don’t fret, good TV didn’t die in the 80 and 90s.

New age Nigerian TV shows

And the rave of the moment *drumroll*

Jenifa’s Diary

Even though I’m not exactly an ardent follower of the show I cannot deny the hilarity that is Jenifa’s Diary. Starring Funke Akindele and her tongue twisting grammar and equally hilarious Falzthebahdguy. I think it’s something to look out for if you need a good laugh.

The show follows Jenifa’s daily experiences as she tries to find her place in a civilized society. A spin off from the move ‘Jenifa’.




Tinsel is a Nigerian soap opera that has been called “the most successful television drama on Nigerian television in recent times”. Centered on the rivalry between two film companies, Tinsel opens you to a lot that goes on behind the scenes.

With an amazing cast and brilliant acting, Tinsel is sure to grip you even in its eight season. Plus you can always catch up on old episodes online!



Gidi Up

Showing mostly on Ndani TV, a Nigerian online TV platform, Gidi up is in its second season. It follows the lives of four young adults and their quest to make it in the city of Lagos.

The best thing about online TV is you can always watch shows that give you a sense of home from anywhere.


Super Story

I’m pretty sure everyone remembers at least one story from this anthology series by Wale Adenuga. “Is that still showing?” It sure is! In its 41st season it still has its knack for amazing everyday stories that we can relate to and learn from.

Still showing on Thursdays at 8p.m., time’s still the same. 🙂




Tales by moonlight

Yes! This is still very much on. Best believe I stopped dead in my tracks when one day I heard the theme song come on on TV. I was filled with so much nostalgia and memories from my childhood.

Tales by moonlight was (and still is) a reenactment of the folklore told by our grandparents when we were kids. In a bid to keep these stories alive and fresh, this Nigerian TV series for children was created.


One of my fondest memories of my grandfather is him telling us stories while we, his many grand kids spread out on a mat around him at Christmas. I am truly glad that in times when kids maybe carried away by our digital world and other devices, the art of story telling and folklore is not lost.


Writing this post brought back a lot of memories. What was your favorite classic Nigerian Tv show?  Also, are there any other interesting Nigerian shows you’re watching? Leave a comment below and share with us.


In the spirit of Halloween (pun too lit not to be intended)….. Remember this guy?! *cue theme music* Our very own Nigerian Bogeyman ‘Willy Willy’. :’D



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