Tales from wandering feet



“I absolutely love the scenery of Benin Republic (especially Haie Vive in Cotonou where we stayed and Ouidah!) I had this feeling of being in new Orleans or morocco while I was there. Their architecture and general aesthetic is on point. Almost everywhere I looked was a building, wall or road suitable for a dope picture. It gave me serious life…. “ Read more

Listening to tales from my parents about their trips used to be so amazing. They would tell of the different people they met, their cultures, the weird animals they encountered on road trips, the food and other things I had used my imaginations to picture properly. I sometimes took these tales and made mine out of them. Leaving the original teller shocked cos they were nowhere to be found in my rendition.

Anyways, stories about travel still awe me till date. It’s why I’ve asked a few friends bitten by the wanderlust bug to share their stories with us. Giving us a chance to see the world and its beauty through their eyes and words.

Our first feature post for our wandering feet series is by Miss Cassandra Ikegbune, a Medical Doctor, creative entrepreneur and an award winning blogger on on lifestyle and fashion.

Tales to share?

Are there interesting places you’ve visited and would love to share? You can send me a mail @iwuese.ahua@steadsmart.com . Remember to click on the link below the photo, read and share. 😀

There will be more features on the “Tales from wandering feet”  series. Watch this space! 😉

Photo credit : Cassie Daves


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