If you had previously thought Chicago was named the windy city because of the freezing gusts of wind that hits you unexpectedly at random times then you were not wrong. But that’s not the only thing notable about the old city of Chicago.

Here are a few of the many good things that make Chicago one of my favorite cities to visit in the world.


Chicago has one of the most of remarkable architectural structures in America and has greatly influenced the history of American architecture in many ways. Going through the city, it is obvious to see why. The city is filled with stunning structures and skyscrapers that makes it an amazing experience to just stroll around and take it all in.

During my first visit in the fall, I found my self-walking around the city a lot because even that was entertaining enough for a tourist.








Deep Dish Pizza

Now pizza, as Italian as it is, has become so intertwined with the American culture that it is now almost a tradition in America to eat pizza. If you haven’t had Chicago styled deep-dish pizza you would wonder, “why all this fuss about pizza”. I know I did.

My friend took me out one night and said very excitedly that we were going to get pizza… I was like uhh okay. Why so excited. And he just said, “wait till you try Chicago style pizza, Pam. Just wait!” So I tagged along eager to try this ground breaking pizza.

…I did. And it was AMAZING!! If pizza is your thing, you should most definitely try the deep dish pizza and if pizza isn’t your thing… well…still try it!




House of blues

The house of blues in Chicago is a live concert music house that is known for jazz, blues soothing live music. As an old soul at heart, the house of blues has become quite naturally one of my favorite places in Chicago to visit. It’s located in downtown Chicago (north Dearborn st), close to many other bars and restaurant. I always make it a habit anytime I visit to stay at a hotel not to far from here.

The house of blues in Chicago features live jazz/blues and soul musicians and it’s a very calming way to have a night out in the city. Their bar and restaurant is quite good also so it basically makes for an all rounded experience with music, food and drinks.



So yes! There are so many good things about visiting Chicago but these are some of my favorite things about this old city. Architecture, food and music!


Hey Guys!!

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Oreoluwa Aremo · November 3, 2016 at 12:13 pm

Lovely read!
Now I want to Chicago just to have that pizza and for the soothing live music.


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