Christmas; there’s still some magic left


Christmas is one of my most anticipated holidays. It’s the one holiday where most of my favorite things come together.

christmasFamily, friends, food (read salad and meat), travel and harmattan. Of course when I was younger , I particularly looked forward to the ‘mamiwater’ masquerade dance. And not forgetting the 5-20 Naira notes that graced the season. Cash flow on a regular *in either DJ Khaled or Rick Ross’ voice*.

Christmas was lots of laughter and my mother’s ‘gengeer’ soup. The smell of burning bush and young men chasing bush rats. It was new clothes, chinchin and late nights. Somehow, it feels like the magic that comes with the holiday is lost. There are no more masquerade dance troupes roaming the streets. Personally, I just want to curl in bed with a good book and stuff my face. Where did that all go?

Where’d the Christmas spirit go?

Too busy growing up and conquering the world that the real reason is tucked at the back of my mind. The dusty part,  I should add. The love that this holiday is supposed to spread, all secondary.

Last year though, I was reminded of the beauty of Christmas. It was a family reunion of some sort and my heart was refreshed. That feeling of wonder that came with it as a child was brought back. The love, the laughter, the food too.

Family at Christmas
A quarter of my family last Christmas

Of course we don’t have to wait for this particular holiday to be grateful for the gift of love, family or life. But it’s the end of the year and it just makes you look back and see how far we’ve come.


Call it magic

2016 has been a particularly tough year for everyone. Wanna hear something awesome though? We’re still here. I know some deals may have gone wrong, we may have lost loved ones, lost ourselves even but we’re still here.

I know it may seem bleak but your life, the ones that stuck by you, everything that got you through to this point, call that magic, a miracle, a gift.


So in this spirit of thanksgiving and Christmas, count your blessings, give love to others and don’t forget to give yourself either. Take a trip, do that course, apply for that job cos you’re worth it. In this season of love I pray the magic and the miracle of Christmas finds you and never leaves you empty handed.

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  1. Kika says: Reply

    Love, Love, Love.

    1. Iwuese Ahua says: Reply

      Thank you very much! 😀

  2. Mngohol says: Reply

    Lovely Post! I’m looking forward to christmas

  3. klaire says: Reply

    Ah the tears,the love, the food, nothing can compare. thanks for this

  4. Doose says: Reply

    Beautiful :* :*

  5. Ivy says: Reply

    Awesome! Thank you for a memorable read.

  6. Tunde says: Reply

    That last bit…well done

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