If I were to describe Crush Cafe in one word , it would definitely be ‘CHILL’. Now, I’ve hung out to watch football with friends at certain spots before but never at a sports bar. I cannot even lie, I was so taken by this place.


Crush Cafe is a restaurant and sports bar located in Gwarinpa, Abuja. I was so impressed by the sheer aesthetics of it. From the landscaping to strategic placements of the different areas within the premises to the way it literally lights up at night (you should really see this for yourself)  . Man, I was sold.


Crush Layout

After I was searched at the gate and made my way in, I was spoiled for choice on what area I wanted to take a seat. You know how most times you roam for about 15 mins before you get a spot? This wasn’t the case at all. Given the fact there was a big football game and they had a reasonable crowd.

First off I noticed a spot set up just by the entrance for table tennis. Sitting arrangements were set up right beside so you didn’t have to seat hunt after a game. At the middle was this elevated area where you could chill at and have this¬† beautiful view of the layout below. And on the far right was a badminton court and pool table right beside it.








There are three bars at Crush; two indoor bars (One upstairs with a balcony and an amazing view while the other, down stairs) and then the outdoor bar which happens to be my favorite.

There are TVs set up that hang above the bar right in the middle. You can actually pay to play video games even. Like how cool is this place? There is a spot for literally every mood and the service is on point.










After a really interesting chat over drinks and these really tasty chicken wings (only me ate them sha) with Efosa, the P.R.O., I also got to find out shows and other events were organized there besides everything I’d witnessed. Like their Walk in Cinema which happens every Thursday! If you’re in Abuja or ever come around, this is one place I think you should definitely try out.

You can follow their instagram page so you can be updated on upcoming events : crushcafeabj

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