Hanging out with family and close friends has to be at the top of my list of favorite things. The laughter , catching up on each others lives and all the emotions that come with.

Somehow because of our busy schedules and programs ( and let’s not lie, the economy) these link ups happen less and less. Even for people in the same town as some of their family members.

Family Getaway maybe?

“Hoosh getaway? In this economy? My frehn, getaway!”

I’m pretty sure someone just muttered that under their breath. Sometimes when we hear the words ‘holiday, vacation or getaway’ we’re thinking big money, plenty load and overseas.

But wait though. What if I told you there’s actually a list of places here in Nigeria you and yours could plan trips to that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

So, I took out the time to make a list of places you can plan the perfect staycation or day trip to with your fam. Plus booking with us gives you the chance to get your flights and hotel reservations at amazingly discounted rates!




The List

Ok, so I know you might be familiar with some of the places on the list. Honestly though, seeing photos or hearing about it does not cut close to the experience you get being there in person.

I can personally attest to this from my visit  to the Lekki Conservation Centre. I was blown away!

Read about it here

Here are some places for a memorable family getaway.

  • La Campagne Resort, Lagos.

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is a breathtakingly beautiful private resort located in Lagos. Overlooking the edge of the Atlantic ocean, it’s furnished with lounge chairs and beach houses to relax and enjoy the view. It definitely would suit you and yours and give you that full vacation experience.




  • Nike Lake Resort

Perched on the edge of the Nike Lake , Enugu, this serene resort will cater to the needs of you and your family. With Wi-Fi, a pool, fitness center and other organized activities for both adults and kids.




  • Tinapa Business Resort

This is a great place for a family getaway. Top notch facilities that cater to different age groups like the arcade, the shopping mall, the restaurants, pubs and the the water slides. There really is so much to do!



  • Kajuru Castle

This majestic castle is not only that by name. Located in Kajuru village , Kaduna, this castle is built in medieval style. The aesthetics, the view and the sheer serenity of this place is unbelievable. Perfect place for you and yours to feel like royals.



  • Obudu Cattle Ranch

A mountain resort located in Obudu, Cross River stat, with an endless option of activities to partake in. The weather is beautiful and the work of nature is truly a sight to behold.




  • Abraka Turf and Country Club

The Abraka Turf and Country Club is a luxury leisure spot which is also very flexible and has everything to suit your style and budget when visiting. With a view of the forest and coastline, it’s a great place for a family adventure.

images (1)


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  • Port Harcourt Tourist Beach

A popular tourism hub in the city of Port Harcourt. Known for it’s fresh palm wine and tasty bush meat. With a large expanse of land for picnicking and other games or activities that may suit your family.



  • Le Meridien

 Le Meredien Ibom Resort and Golf course is an exquisite location for a family vacation. With rates guaranteed to be easy on your bank account. You can enjoy bike rides in the mornings, a game of golf and live band performances.



  • Oguta Lake

Oguta Lake is an aesthetic paradise for relaxation. You can enjoy a day out on a boat cruise on the lake or on the golf course. The resort hotel near the lake has superb accommodations and a golf course to spend the afternoon playing.


Oguta-Lake Owerri bookings Nigeria

  • Yankari Game Reserve

Yankari National Park is located in Bauchi State, in NorthEastern Nigeria. Home to the largest surviving  Elephant population in Nigeria and one of the largest in West Africa it is a popular tourism destination in the country.

Elephant_Yankari National Park, Bookings Nigeria


The Tranquil ambience of the reserve cannot be over exaggerated. They have on display, a wide range of Artifacts, to feast your eyes on. From the skins and hooves  of wild animals, to the feathers of exotic birds.

A perfect place you and your family can enjoy the best of both history and nature.

Yankari-game-reserve 3, Bookings Nigeria


Hey!!! So those are just a few places I put on here out of a really long list.

If you know any places that aren’t the popularly known ones, send me a mail about it.

Always a pleasure hearing from you. 😀


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Kika · January 25, 2017 at 11:33 am

Oh wow! Abraka resort is a big first, never knew it was here. Big surprise. Definitely looking forward to going there with family. Kajuru castle been on my mind for a while now, Lord, may the Pepper rest, Amen. I’d like more information on Kajuru castle, bookings and all, please . I want to be in all them locations, hopefully they look as good as the pictures . Cheers!

    Iwuese Ahua · January 25, 2017 at 11:53 am

    Loool. May the pepper rest and your feet wander far! thank you.

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