Happy New Year, everyone! Glad we all made it! *fireworks and pretty stuff*. So my first post for the year is on my visit to the Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC) , Lagos.





First off, I want to clarify that Lekki Conservation Centre is not a zoo. Established in 1990, the centre’s aim was to preserve and protect the wildlife and mangrove forest of the south-west coastline. Given how Lagos is constantly evolving, there was a need to preserve some of nature’s work.

As our tour guide ran this by us, I spotted the cutest little monkeys swinging on trees, a peacock and a tortoise munching away, oblivious to our attempts at getting the perfect photos or videos. I was excited seeing the animals roam so freely!

The Board Walk in

After getting my arm bands; a pink for access into the conserved area and the other, a green one, for the canopy walkway which both cost N1,000 each, our tour guide, Arinze, led us on a 3km boardwalk into the reserved area.

Lekki Conservation Centre passes

Lekki Conservation Centre passes


Sadly there was no sighting of any crocodiles or snakes which I really wanted to see (even though grotesquely shaped branches and moving monkeys provoked a lot of “What was that?!”)  This was because during the day (and particularly the dry season), these animals usually steer clear of those areas due to the human activity at those times.



The Canopy Walkway

With the green armbands we were led down a path to the beginning of the canopy walkway. We were advised to keep away our devices cos the walk was quite wobbly and had to use both hands for support.

Beginning of the canopy walkway

Beginning of the canopy walkway


There are seven rest point from the start. The seventh being the highest point and the beginning of descent.


 Did you know that the Lekki Conservation Canopy Walkway is the longest in Africa?



The great outdoors

Catching our breath after our descent, we proceeded to a large green field. I spotted life sized board games; chess boards and ludo. A gazebo, two different fish ponds; one for a school of koi and the other for tilapia.

Gazebo for picnicking and relaxing

Gazebo for picnicking and relaxing




It’s a perfect place to go picnicking and yes, you’re allowed bring your own stuff!


The board walk out

Another 3km out and I was wondering if I meant what I said about seeing any snakes and crocs. It was starting to get dark but we laughed and joked our way with pounding hearts till we got to civilization. All in all, it was an amazing experience. You really should go!




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