So sometime back I decided life is too short and began to explore. OK so I stopped over in Dubai on my way to Mauritius for a dear friend’s wedding.



There are so many things to do and to see in Dubai and 3days is not even close to covering everything but I’ll share the ones I experienced. So for all travel I feel it’s important to say: BOOK IN ADVANCE it helps you save. Plus bookingsnigeria hooked me up with a 5% discount

There are many airline options to getting to Dubai you can give us a call 0818941600 and see what deals are available. Some Airline options include:

Lagos  to Dubai Stops Price
Turkish Airlines 1 Depends on Dates
Emirates Airlines 0 Depends on Dates
Etihad  Airlines 1 Depends on Dates
Abuja  to Dubai Stops Price
Turkish Airlines 1 Depends on Dates
Emirates Airlines 0 Depends on Dates
Etihad  Airlines 1 Depends on Dates

Getting there:

So Dubai is a massively popular place but I had never visited the prior to this. We flew Emirates, as we wanted to have the whole trip done with one airline. This was my first time flying this airline and I heard nothing but good things about them.  The service was top class as usual, the staff were amazing; always helpful.

There was an incident with a man kicking a fuss about not having the whole row but both staff and passengers handled him well. It was good to see people standing up for one another and not just recording with a phone and putting up on YouTube #worldgonetohell.  I enjoyed the flight and got to use WIFI on board to check a few emails and chat with my 1 friend on the planet. Ok a little something I found interesting, they had these sticky items for sleeping, wake me for food and wake me for duty free. I had not seen this in other airlines if had flown in the past and I found it very useful.  Only down side of my flight experience was the food. You know when you are so hungry that when you sleep you are having hunger nightmares ??  Yes that was me. “Hunger mare” woke me and it took a while before the food got to me. I even wondered if the food had come and gone. The food was good (maybe it was the hunger)  but for the length of the flight I expected a small snack either before or after the main meal. Drinks were available but not as much as I expected. Anyways all in all top marks to Emirates  8.5/10  but I feel they need to look in to the snack suggestion.


Where to stay:

I had never been to Dubai but I wanted to get the best top class experience without selling my kidney to do so. So like every sound human I looked for the best deals

We stayed at The Meydan Hotel, The Meydan Hotel is designed in the shape of a wave in motion with a luminous green glass facade, boasts spectacular views, substantial spaces and an abundance of natural light. Enjoying a majestic position overlooking the Dubai racecourse. The hotel houses fine dining; extensive recreational and leisure facilities crowned with a rooftop infinity pool. The hotel offers shuttle to and from Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates.  It was AMAZING.

It cost around 66.50 AED with a taxi from the airport to the hotel. But there are Metro and bus options but for a first timer in Dubai I took the Taxi option. So we spent the first 24hrs Flying to Dubai getting to a hotel and sleeping on what felt like sleeping in on a cloud. The hotel was nice, friendly and definitely gave the 5 star treatment I longed for.




72 hours in Dubai Day 1

So I had a long list of things to do in Dubai, I Can’t STRESS THIS ENOUGH “FIND OUT HOW LONG EACH ACTIVITY WILL TAKE”.  As I had no idea I went to the concierge desk and the guy there was on point, because he understood the distance and the activities gave me a wonderful break down of what to do, where and how long it would take. Basically planned my stay and took me 45mins but was well worth it.

Sky Diving in Dubai

So I went skydiving in Dubai, it is meant to be an amazing experience but I could not do it because I was a bit over weight as your weight and BMI have to be on point for you to make the jump (Safety reasons)  so I cried and took pictures of other folks having fun.



Fly Boarding in Dubai

So rather than cry about our missed chances we went fly-boarding in the water it was an amazing experience (you need to have basic swimming experience so you don’t drown)

Fly board Dubai


Fly board Dubai 1


Fly board Dubai 2

Dubai Fountain Show

In the evening, I went to the Dubai mall to see the Dubai fountain show. It is similar to what you see in Vegas at the mirage but bigger




At the Top Burj Kalifa

This is a climb to the 128 floor of the tallest building in the world it’s a fun experience and if you go at night you can see the fountain show from above.







72 hours in Dubai Day 2

Dubai City Tour

The city tour is basically a tour of Dubai city. You get to see the palaces, get some key knowledge about Dubai, the traditions  and the UAE. You visit the heritage site, take a boat ride to market and the gold market where you can see the biggest gold ring in the world. Visit the Dubai museum, the beach where you see the iconic Burj Al Arab it about half a day’s trip and you are exhausted by the end but it is well worth doing.





Desert Safari Experience

So before this, I imagined this to be a simple “here is the desert it has a lot of sand” but this was so much more. The drive in the desert was amazing, something I never imagined possible on land. It was close to the feeling you get on a roller costar ride but better.  There was a lot to do after the drive, quad bike rides, camel rides and hawk training experience all depending on your pocket. After that there was food and entertainment. This is an experience that is worth having.






72 hours in Dubai Day 3


Dolphin Experience & Aquaventure @ Atlantis

Dolphin water experience was amazing, I booked the shallow water experience as my swimming skill isn’t great, we had a quick brief before heading into the water to play with the dolphin, we were sectioned into groups and touch the dolphin and has 3seconds to either “kiss” the dolphin or dance with it, I had to choose the kiss experience of course and finally we had the dolphin display for a few minutes.




Dubai Aquarium/ Underwater Zoo

Burj Khalifa aquarium ticket also had underwater zoo experience as a bonus, there are other ticket options like have a 2course meal on the 24th floor or just the aquarium ticket and the prices vary. The underwater aquarium had different beautiful sea creatures, most of which I hadn’t seen in other aquariums I had been, they had massive crocodiles, penguins, sea rat any so many more. The experience was totally worth it.





Dubai Dhow Cruise

This experience started off in the evening and was part of a package deal which included a tour of Dubai, dessert safari and dunes and dhow cruise, this was organized by Dubai safari and tours and was absolutely worth every penny, you get picked up and dropped off from your hotel, we were taken to a massive double decker boat, had a welcome drink on arrival, we were then offered starters and then the boat cruise began, we had buffet dinner while watching the sunset and later had a dance display, similar to the desert safari experience, it was great to have a mini tour of Dubai on water while having a meal, definitely worth it.



Hey Guys!!

Hope you enjoyed our feature post for today. It was written by Miss Ifiok Akpan fashion lover, lifestyle blogger  and ardent fan of travel.


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