Tales from wandering feet; Sokoto

I am so excited to be featured on here. God knows I love to travel and see new destinations. Recently I got a chance to be somewhere new, the seat of the Caliphate; Sokoto , for the mandatory one year National Youth Corp Service exercise. Here is Day 5 of my Journey on camp, enjoy.

Sworn in and swooning in the Sokoto sun

I finally got to wear my khaki and NYSC crested shirt for the swearing in ceremony today. The tailor had cut the length of my trousers too short, and I felt it was “jumpee”.
My jungle boots were more than one size up, I was practically swimming in them, but there was no time to waste, Mr governor was coming to hear us swear.



We doubled up to the parade ground and waited for about 3hours, under a temperature of 33degrees (I got someone to check). Up until now, I didn’t know if the governor had come or not. One minute we were sitting on our handkerchiefs, stones and bare floor, next minute we are giving 3 happy cheers to the governor as rehearsed.

Suffering and Smiling.

I later found out it was a representative that came, two hours and 50minutes late. He spent less than ten minutes.
(I should go into politics, for the right reasons of course.)

Immediately after that, while we hunted for water to quench our thirsty souls, an announcement came; our transport allowance was ready. We ran to queue as usual, girls begging boys to jump the line, boys smiling and saying no, This time ego was involved.
We all eventually got our 1500 naira to cover the cost for transportation from wherever it was we came from, it did not matter that you came from Imo or Lagos, that you paid 8000 for the bus that took three days to get here, all you were getting was #1500 flat.
We all lined up, collected the sum and said “thank you, sir.” We are Nigerians, the happiest people on earth (suffering and smiling).



Treasures of Sokoto

I found a really cool shop. It had little colored Stones beaded into mini bracelets. There were leather types too and necklaces with cowries and animal teeth? maybe.What drew my attention in the first place was the array of locally made bags with tassels,on a closer look, I could see Arewa designs, man on camel and plain but textured vintage bags.
I really liked the look of the third, it was plain in terms of additional designs, but had layers that dropped into each other really nicely, it was an unusual leather.




I asked the price for each item hoping to get more traditional information. The third bag cost 2500 and was apparently made out of snake skin. My eyes widened as what I had suspected got confirmed. Looking at it more closely, although at an arms length, I asked: what kind? Cobra, he said.
I had had a dream about a Cobra some weeks back, a live Cobra. *pleads the blood*

Snake skin bags
Snake skin bags

He further explained that the leather bag with tassels and camel drawing was hides skin (from a cow). For a minute, I was confused as to which to settle for. The snake skin bag is really nice and unusual, while the second tugged at my heart, for my present infatuation with camels. Honestly, I am yet to decide. I don’t won’t to be pleading the blood or spraying anointing oil on a bag, before and after use. What if the snake’s family decided they wanted to bury their brother? Would they now be following me?
I need help with this.
I told the shop owner I would be back and got some really cute bracelets, one for me and the other as bait for Dumebi… I don’t know what to call her, but we are related in law.

Camel back riding

Getting onto the tarred area, my heart skips a beat then two. I almost break out in a run, My heartthrob and desire, what I have earnestly sought for, a major motivation and encouragement to serve in this state, was here, in camp!!
I start to giggle as I make my way forward. He stood, white and tall surrounded by other khaki wearing individuals. Make way, make way, I rushed to get a closer look. I was in awe of such masculine beauty, eyes so big, protected by thin long lashes, it’s back bearing the evidence of burdens borne.

It didn’t matter, today was the day I added mine.



I paid a 100naira and joined the queue. It was a fantastic experience, one more thing kicked off my bucket list, joy unspeakable. I can’t wait for my next camel ride, or my first camel.

Hey Guys!!

So our first feature post for the on our  Wandering Feet Series was  written by Miss Joy Kika. She is a writer, mental health advocate, humanitarian and a travel lover.  You can read more on her caliphate adventures on her blog http://www.kikasaysblog.wordpress.com/

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  1. Dr Iorkyaan Andrew says: Reply

    Simply Kika Joy’s outcry. Wonderful talent! I’m sure there’s more to come. It’s just a matter of time! Great lady too!

  2. Jackson Emokpaire says: Reply

    This piece is awesome, was virtually laughing through out my read I enjoyed every bit,

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