Bookings Nigeria is constantly trying to make travel as easy as possible. Because of this, we’ve put together a few budget friendly places for you  to try out.

You honestly don’t need a million bucks to have an amazing holiday. At the same time though, you do need some substantial amount of money for your trip. In any case, we have included the quotations for a round trip to those places.

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Balling on a budget

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (N 266,649)

    If you’re one for adventure travel then Amsterdam will blow your mind. You could rent a bicycle, visit the  Anne Frank House, take photos at the ” I am sterdam ” sign or eat a Dutch pancake. There so much to do here. Definitely buck list worthy!Amsterdam


  • Cairo, Egypt (N333,353)

Another thing I learned recently was that the pyramids in Egypt were built to mimic the rays of the sun. ( How cool is that? ) . There is so much history, knowledge  and beauty attached to this ancient city. Experience it all while you can.


  • Phuket, Thailand (N398,993)

Phuket, Thailand is one of those places that (should) have a top spot on any bucket list. I should also add that it has been voted one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. I actually made a post on how amazing this place is. click here to read more.


  • Kajuru Castle, Nigeria (N40,000)

You deserve this royal treatment cos you are kings and queens in your own right. Take a trip, kick back and relax and enjoy  the wonder that is the Kajuru Castle.

  • Bucharest, Romania (N331,773)

A city filled with monuments, museums and an energetic night life. No wonder it is time and time again voted one of the most popular tourist destinations.

  • Seoul, South Korea (N342,443)

The diversity of Seoul is utterly exciting as it is satisfying. From skyscrapers to Buddhist temples, pop culture to street markets and palaces . It is a place for everyone and the blend of culture and the evidently futuristic developments is quite  a sight to behold.


  • Seychelles (N418,098)

Seychelles is a home to a lot of beaches, reserves and a breathtaking scenery of nature’s finest work. In fact , I have written about it a few times on here. It is the perfect vacation spot for a beach lover and it’s pretty fair on the wallet , no?


At this point, I’m gonna stick a pin in it and leave you to decide where you wanna go. When you do, do give us a call on 08189416000 and let’s fix you up with an amazing travel deal today. 😉

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