Phuket, Thailand is one of those places that (should) have a top spot on any bucket list. I should also add that it has been voted one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. So I figured, hey, why not show you some amazing must see places that’ll definitely blow you away.

Seven wonders of Phuket

Do you remember the seven wonders of the world? Great Pyramid of Giza, hanging gardens of Babylon, statue of Zeus etc.  Well it’s time to show you  the seven wonders of Phuket.

  • Big Buddha

Big Buddha is  45 meter tall white marble statue visible from anywhere in the southern part of Phuket. Views from the top of the statue are truly breathtaking.

big buddah


Tourists can make donations, buy amulets and the occasional ceremonies are held in an area around the statue.This place also serves as a museum narrating the history of the Big Buddha.

  • Wat Chalong Temple

The Wat Chalong is an undeniably beautiful Buddhist temple. The aesthetics are truly breathtaking; a beautiful structure with hues of red and gold all over.

Majority of Thais are Buddhist which explains Big Buddha and the temple. Locals come to pray and tourists come to learn something about Buddhism.

Wat Chalong

As with all religious temples, there are codes that must always be followed. These are some for the Wat Chalong Temple.

1. Shoes are never allowed inside a temple, so be sure to leave yours outside with all the others.

2. Women are required to cover their shoulders and wear pants or skirts that extend down to their knees.

3. Certain level of respect is expected, Speak in a quiet tone within the temple and don’t touch the statues or other Buddhist relics.

  • Phang Nga Bay

Nature’s artistry can be fully seen at the Phang Nga bay. In the way the  limestone karsts project out of the green waters. It is the perfect place for day activities. With quiet beaches and boat tours, kayaking and canoeing to partake in.

Phang nga bay

  • Karon Beach

Karon beach is a popular tourist destination in Phuket. It is the third longest beach in Thailand, the sands are powdery and the water is calm.


It is adjoined to a town so there are malls , restaurants and arcades for tourists to try out.



  • Karon View point

From the Karon view point you can experience  the breathtaking  scenery of the three west coast beaches of Phuket nestled within the greenery of its hillsides. Photographs from this point are usually aesthetically pleasing and this point is usually swarmed with tourists for this  reason.


  • Promthep Cape

A travel lover knows the deep joy in the appreciation of beautiful scenery. Perched at the top of the hills close by you can view the Promthep cape and watch as the waves crash against the rocks at the base . Looking for a quiet morning or afternoon activity? Well , this is definitely an option.



  • Rawai Hill

Just a little way from the Promthep cape is this serene hill side with a very rewarding view. The ambience is perfect and it affords you the privacy you might need.

Rawai hill


Before you go ahead to update your bucket list ( I hope I actually convince you to) , I must add that it is very budget friendly. With a budget of about N 500,000 – 700,000 , you’re assured of an amazing tourist holiday.

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