So a few days ago I published a post on some visa-free countries for Nigerian passport holders.

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After the post I got a few messages from people saying they didn’t see some places off their bucketlists. So, I looked at most of the places mentioned and hey, they fall under the visa on arrival countries for Nigerian passport holders!

So don’t strike it off cos you can’t go, tick it cos you can. 😉

How to get the visa and what to know

So there are a few things to know before arranging your travel plans.
Being a Nigerian passport holder, visas to these countries are usually issued on arrival.
This means that passports are stamped with a temporary permit or a visa at the airport or country border. Also keep in mind, the maximum stay for any visitor in any of these countries is 90 days. This however excludes Djibouti and Tanzania, where visitors are required to stay for 1 month.
Another super important thing is to have a substantial amount of money in the currency used in whichever country you pick.

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The Countries

  • Madagascar

Madagascar is definitely one of those places you take a map and just dream about. Especially after watching a hit like the cartoon ‘Madagascar’

KJN_JULIEN_01_RGBWe sure can make that dream come true, just book with us and take advantage of our discounted prices. Don’t mis out on a chance to “move it , move it” on an island King Julien style 😉


  • Seychelles

I’m not even ashamed to say how obsessed with this name I used to be as a kid.

“She sells sea shells by the seashore in Seychelles.”

Seychelles is a home to a lot of beaches, reserves and a breathtaking scenery of nature’s finest work.



  • Mozambique

Mozambique’s coastline runs along the Indian ocean and is adorned with the finest beaches and majestic palms.


  • Uganda

Uganda is a landlocked country blessed with a variety of exotic animal and birds. The  Murchison Falls National Park known for its 43m-tall waterfall and wildlife such as hippos is located here.




  • Comoros

Comoros is actually a group of islands clustered together. It is extremely enchanting, aesthetically pleasing and serene. Perfect place for a getaway.




  • Tanzania

Tanzania is basically a travel lovers haven. With vast wilderness, beautiful tropical islands and wildlife. This is where Zanzibar is located .



  • Kenya

You know how it’s some people’s dream to join a flash mob or swim with dolphins? I really want to jump with masai. They look like they are high away from all the worry and stress. *sigh*

So if you make it to Kenya before me , do me a solid and jump with masai for me.

jumping masai


  • Mauritius

Ever looking for a place to ease your wanderlust, then Mauritius is the place to be.

From its endless white beaches , to its lush rain forests, hiking trails and exotic wildlife. This island is the perfect destination for the all round vacation experience.



Bobby Ngwu · February 17, 2017 at 5:07 pm

Lovey and educative. Well done!

    Iwuese Ahua · February 20, 2017 at 9:12 am

    Thank you very much , Bobby. Glad we could help.

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