Urban Nomad // Meet the Nomad; Opas Onucheyo

Urban nomad

Someone who refuses to settle down into just one home, but chooses to travel,live and explore multiple locations around the world constantly satisfying their wanderlust.


You know how you have some friends that are just “goals” on certain things? Well, Opas is definitely my travel goals.

He is one of those people whose Instagram feeds just make you wanna pack up and go. A living , breathing example of an “Urban Nomad”.

One incredibly amazing thing about his traveling is that it is not just international travel. Also, he is quite the mean one with a camera. (Like how cool is this guy?!)

So ladies and gentlemen, without giving away too much let’s meet the Nomad!

Q : Tell us about yourself; what you do and how you started out


My name is Opas, and I work for the best NGO in the world called AIESEC. I’m also a traveler photographer, having traveled to 15 countries so far in my life time. I love to take landscape and documentary based photos. I also love to cook and bake, whenever I travel I try to pick recipes as much as I can.

My working with AIESEC started in 2012, when I had just come back from my mandatory university internship for my degree in the University of Agriculture in Benue. I have been working with them for the last 5 years and holding various positions. My last role was the Country manager for AIESEC in Jamaica and I will be moving to Namibia in July to be the country Manager for AIESEC in Namibia.


Q : Would you say your love for travel inspired your inclination towards photography or are they totally independent?

A :

Hmmm, I would definitely say they are independent. I have always had a camera around me as far as I can remember. I sometimes view the world through a viewfinder in a camera. Funny fact, while my mom was pregnant with me, she was up and about traveling from one country to another.  The hunger for adventure is deep in me, if I got a call in the next 5mins to travel to a new country (where isn’t an issue) I would be ready in 3 mins to hit the airport.


Q : What’s your targeted theme when shooting travel photos? Culture, food, daily life….

A :

It has to be daily life. Whenever I travel, I try to immense myself in the culture. Speak their language, eat their local cuisines, cook with them and just enjoy the moment. To experience a new culture, to me is the most beautiful thing because you get to understand a little bit of their history, where they are coming from and possibly where they are going.

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Q : Do you make money from traveling?

A :

One of the main reasons I travel a lot is because I work with AIESEC, it is the largest youth run organization in the world. Present in 125 countries and has existed since 1948. So either I am traveling for conference or vacations, I always pick a new country to visit.

Q : What’s the best thing about traveling for you?

A :

Arriving in the airport, the knowledge of the road less traveled is about to be traveled.

There is so much uncertainty and that thrills me, because one moment you might be in love with the city and the next you hate the city then you love it again. Never a dull moment.

Q : What’s your favorite country or city to go to?

A :

The list is definitely long, every city/country has something to offer and that is the policy I carry at heart whenever I want to go to a country that isn’t really popular for one reason or the other.

India would have to be the place to go. I think everyone should get a chance to visit that country. Words can’t describe the feeling, walking down the street with aroma of spices in the air. From local “fat” dogs roaming the area, children playing, cows causing traffic to temples that make you feel inner peace by just being there. It’s indescribable.

Regrettably with the state of things now, I’d suggest we wait it out and hope things get resolved.

Q : Do you prefer solo or group travel?

A :

It depends really, whether be it for work or just vacation. Having someone to share an experience with always adds to the value of the experience. I believe memories are more memorable when you shared it with someone.

Q : What’s on your travel playlist (if you have one)?

A :

I have songs on my phone that aren’t even English. The only playlist I have is shuffle. I let my phone surprise me.

Q : Have you picked up any languages from traveling?

A :

Oh yes, I speak Portuguese. I learnt it while I lived there for a year. It’s a very beautiful language, sometimes I catch myself thinking in the language. I try with French, Spanish and Chinese, but those are at basic levels.

Q : What’s your take on tourism in Nigeria?

A :

I feel the potential we have in Nigeria is huge. There are some many places to go and visit. I have been to 19 states in the country and I want to visit all. I believe tourism on its own can feed the nation but it just a matter of every state putting their best foot forward.

Q : What are your top 5 travel tips?

A :

For Nigerians (because our passport is a magnet for suspicion) I would say:

  1. Have print outs of all the documents you might need.
  2. Have the right vaccinations
  3. If you are young, I advise you should dress more of a smart causal look.
  4. Know your rights as a passenger, because airline would want to use your ignorance to their advantage.
  5. Make sure you card works aboard.

Q : If you were to be stuck in one country or city with one person in the entire world where and who would it be?

A :

I would have to be somewhere in south-east Asia, maybe Cambodia or Vietnam. I would go with my friend  from Mozambique.

The travel starts at the road less traveled.


Hey Guys!

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    Hello Opas, what would a gemale Nomad be? Nomadress? lol. great job. Was wondering how you get to fund your trip and if there are avenues for “professional” travels.

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    sapo!!! i see you bro… lol

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