Have you ever wondered what would happen to some of your favorite places when time passes?

When we leave it all behind to time and nature?

I know I have. For instance , the little cottage from when I was a child. It used to sit all alone opposite what is now Rain Oil Filling Station, Makurdi. Benue State.

Does anyone who lived in Benue remember that little house?

It was cute and small and had creepers all over the walls.  I used to imagine it was what the house of the three bears Goldielocks invaded looked like. 😀

I’m pretty sure each of us might know a place or three like that. In fact, I stumbled on a ton of photos of places like that I’d love to share with you!

Beautiful abandoned places

Here are a few abandoned places round the world I think would make pretty cool tourist attractions. As a matter of fact, some of them already are.

Ta prohm Temple ,Cambodia

Because of the grotesque yet beautiful nature of the tress growing out of the ruins, Ta Prohm temple is the most popular in Angkor, Cambodia.

Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones fans, does this look a tad familiar?

Ta Prohm 1

Laura Croft's Tomb Raider & Indiana Jones' Temple of Doom.

Lara Croft’s Tomb Raider & Indiana Jones’ Temple of Doom.

Abandoned Church and Cemetery

If you’re a fan of the grim and gory (like me) then this is definitely one you’d love!

First, no one knows where this place is (which is a little sad) and second, no one knows who the photographer is either. So where exactly did the photo come from….

Abandoned church and cemetery

Abandoned Fishing Village, China

At the mouth of Yangtze River on Gouqi Island, China is this fishing village lost in time and gradually becoming a green wonderland as it is being reclaimed by nature.

green ghost town


Chemin de fer de Petite Ceinture, France

Abandoned since its last year of service in 1934, Chemin de fe de petite ceinture is till intact.

In fact there, have been debates as to whether it should be turned into a park or made to resume operations as a train station.

chermin de fer de petite cienture


Pismo beach Stairs

Long-ago an abandoned structure was connected to land by a bridge that has since deteriorated. Leaving behind the now unusable stairway which was an access to the area.

Staircase to Nowhere

Belgian ‘car graveyard’

A small town in Belgium named Chatillon is known to be home to one of the largest car graveyards .

It looks like a lot of 50s and 60s model cars stuck in a traffic jam that lasted quite a while.

car graveyard

The Nigerian Airways Plane

This particular photo has this bittersweet effect on me. I cannot overlook how majestic this plane stands but sadly, abandoned and deserted in the middle of nowhere.

The memories that this photo invokes are definitely worth making me include this on here.

Nigerian Airways

Christ of the Abyss

This is a submerged statue of Jesus Christ located at the bottom of the Mediterranean sea.

It is not exactly abandoned but is left at the bottom of the sea where elements of nature have taken over the statue. It is corroded with an endless growth of crustaceans on it. So yeah, abandoned to nature maybe.

Christ of the abyss

Craco, Italy

A popular tourist attraction and a known film location, this ghost town has stood for the longest time.

Occasionally, religious festivals are held there as well.



There are a whole lot of  amazing places I haven’t come across or read about but if  if you know any places like this, especially in Nigeria, do drop a comment below and let us  know.

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