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Àmàlà : a Nigerian food made out of yam and/or cassava flour. It is made of dried yam; this gives it a black/brownish color when added to boiling water. It could be served with a variety of ọbẹ (soups), such as ẹfọ, ilá, ewédú, ogbono or gbegiri (black-eyed beans soup).

Amala Dudu


First and foremost, I’d like to apologize to my younger self.

She would probably be confused at the gusto with which Friday’s amala visit was carried out.

(I mean, we aren’t supposed to like it but regrettably I’ve let her down 😀 )

She looks really disappointed . 😂

At this point though, I’m going to tell you about my exciting visit to the Amala Place , Abuja.

The Amala Place

There are actually quite number of spots like this in Abuja. However, my favorite thing about this particular spot is how neat and spacious it is.

It is still your same ‘ol bukka, with tables and chairs an a ‘collection’ point but it is way airier and neater.

Entrance of the Amala place.

In addition, it is incredibly easy to locate. The number of landmarks around are so convenient!

The restaurant is located along Ahmadu Bello Way, the new Gwarinpa Express. It’s the same axis as Next cash ‘n carry, in fact one of the roads just opposite Next can lead you straight to the restaurant.



Another landmark just at the road leading to the restaurant.
Another landmark just at the road leading to the restaurant.



I cannot hide the deep joy I felt placing my order.

I had the nicest lady take my order and serve me; pretty great service too.

I had two wraps of steaming hot amala, ewedu, gbegiri, two pieces of meat and a bottle of water all for just 700 Naira.

(Like how cool is that?!)

Of course it was delicious asides the fact it was very pocket friendly.

No doubt, there were other meals n the menue like rice, pounded yam, porridge beans and the likes but I was on a mission you see… 😀

So if you’re ever looking for a place to have a nice budget friendly meal in Abuja, I definitely recommend The Amala Place.

It’s worth every kobo.


Happy face after a happy meal.
Happy face after a happy meal.

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