Bur Artletic // Where Fitness and Art collide

In recent times there has been a drastic change in the perception of sports, fitness and arts in Nigeria.

More individuals, those directly involved or not have begun to appreciate the benefits and effects of these programs on the society at large. This has reflected  a positive outcome on both the physical and mental disposition of those involved.

A spring up of gyms, fitness centers, groups, galleries and other programs has been evident.

A growth which is a welcome one and has helped in noticing a need for a means to properly carry out this desire for better living. Also helping to  express this roar in a passion for greatness spanning across the love for sports, fitness and arts in general.


The road to fitness

Of course we’re aware the road to a healthy life style is paved with sweat, diets and calculating calories at the grocery store.

However, this body won’t buff itself right? Taking a step to live a consciously healthy life style is true strength in itself and definitely a pretty cool way to go.

Me in a Bur Artletic fitness gear. (Still working on my game face :D )
Me in a Bur Artletic fitness gear.
(Still working on my game face 😀 )

Even so, another thing to constantly worry about is the right sports gear. Wondering what to wear, if not to hold a yoga pose for too long or if it’s right for our body type is definitely a drag.

I admit it was for me but that was until I got myself some gear from the Bur Artletic sports brand.

The Brand

Bur Artletic is a Nigerian sports and lifestyle brand created around the concept of ‘Arts’ and ‘Athletics’. The brand  is targeted in bringing an understanding of their individuality but still marrying both concepts in an expression for a passion for both.


They have different amazing designs, a keen eye on color coordination and careful selection of fabric to suit the individuality of their customers.

Bur Artletic not only focuses on the calisthenics involved in fitness or arts alone. They  also offers services to help keep the programs in check. Programs which are designed to help individuals achieve their goals at a pace that suits their present limits but nonetheless pushing them beyond it to higher targets.

It is truly wonderful how they tie it all together and  meet the demands of sports, fitness and art lovers.


I have tired out this brand and I was not disappointed at all!

The Product & Services

Fabric is sourced here in Nigeria and production is done here as well. Their attention to detail and quality of the products is quite commendable. Bespoke sportswear? Sign me up over and over again!

The sportswear are tailored to suit differing body types, aesthetic preferences and weather.





It goes a long way to cover varying sports or fitness activities regarding the individuals, teams or customers in general.

Not restricted to age, size or gender, the sportswear are designed to suit accordingly. From football jerseys to workout tights and vests, yoga pants, training bibs, cycling gear and a lot more. How cool is that?

Referrals are also issued from Bur Artletic to other fitness platforms or sports establishments which individuals may be interested in.

Tennis training, cycling  and roller blading are a part of these programs on referrals. Self defense programs involving different martial art styles are also available.







Starting to reconsider that summer body again? It’s never too late, you know?

Order yourself this bespoke made in Nigeria sportswear and and get at it!



Contact :

Instagram : @burartletic

Contact No : 07035559273

Photocredit : @burartletic

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  1. Kika says: Reply

    I totally love Bur atheletic!! They also make the coolest T-shirts. Great Job!

    1. Iwuese Ahua says: Reply

      I know, right?! Absolutely comfy too. Thank you very much. 😀

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