Learning a foreign language has been one thing I’ve always wanted to do. One of my biggest wishes is to be able to argue in a foreign language fluently. 😀

In fact , I actually have taken a couple of French classes. Although my French is still pretty rudimentary, I still thoroughly enjoy it!

At this point you might be wondering “why would I wanna learn a tongue that isn’t mine when I don’t plan to live there for a while?”.

Truth is language is really important to any traveler; frequent or not. There are more times than one, a simple “hello”, “please” or “thank you” in a tongue ,not just foreign, has saved me quite a lot!

The possible ease of communication in a foreign city , state or country is definitely not something to pass up.

People avatars on World map. Speech bubbles in different languages

Common misconception of language

Learning new languages can actually come across as scary or difficult. However I think the real reason we think that  is cos we’re scared of sounding silly and making mistakes.

No doubt it would be really cool to know a foreign tongue enough to dish out tongue twisters, but it’s really ok if you can’t just yet.

As a matter of fact , it’s pretty ok if you just pick out a few words and phrases to help you communicate that you’re not a a fluent speaker. Most natives appreciate the effort foreigners put into trying to communicate with them. Some even find it somewhat rude when you meet them and just fall into English without even trying. Some feign ignorance just to get the point across.

For instance, learning words like hello, please, help, thanks and sorry are a perfect way to start out. Then phrases like “I don’t understand” or “I don’t speak very well” sometimes might actually lead to finding  a native English speaker to help out.

Also, when visiting a new place for the first time, beside the basic please and thank you, it’s wise to note words like entrance, exit, danger and muster point. You know, just in case and to avoid all tower of Babellike situations. ;D



It’s truly a great feeling and experience when the natives of a particular place you visit accept and make you feel like one of their own. Strangely enough, something as simple as language can make that very possible.

When we say “Dream. Explore. Discover.” it doesn’t end with just the location of your visit but extends to the people, the culture, their languages and daily lives.

There really is so much to learn from each other and I think we should never let language be a barrier to acquiring this knowledge. Don’t you agree?


Dream 💭
Explore 👣
Discover 🌍🌏🌎🔦📍📌

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Have you learned any language from traveling or have any tips you wanna share?

Drop a comment below and and let us know! 😀


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