Under the sea // The unexplored

Under the sea“, my favorite song from the hit cartoon, The Little Mermaid is one I’d gladly listen to over and over again.

Do you remember it?

Under the sea

It opened my mind to the possibilities of the wonders that could be discovered under water.

Did you know that mankind has actually explored outer space than our ocean floors? Another reason why my mind keeps going over the endless treasures that might be hidden below.

By the same token, some divers have gone down under to explore what wonders this territory could hold.

No doubt, it is one of the most beautiful things when man and nature collide. Some findings a little bizarre and somewhat grotesque but amazing still.

Down & Under

Over time our curious human nature has led to some discoveries. Here are a few findings from their explorations.

Sculpture Park of Terror

At the bottom of the Caribbean Sea is a park; the Sculpture Park of Terror. It is an artwork of over 500 statues, some of which are of children holding hands in a ring.

First and foremost, I must confess that my full  Nigerianess would burst through if ever came across something like this at the bottom of the sea.

I figure I would finish pleading my share of the blood of the lamb and try to sprint on the ocean floor past all the crustaceans and King Triton’s kingdom. But that’s just me.

If you’re adventure lover then this is one for the bucket list.

Under water statues



The Lost City

The ancient city is hidden 130 feet underwater in the Qiandao Lake in China.

Regrettably, the structure below are of  adorned temples, memorial arches and dragon carvings. All tranquil and beautiful but long forgotten.

Underwater china2

Underwater china

Underwater china1

Submerged Stonehenge

Some of these underwater finding actually raise more questions than the common answers to what lies beneath.

Like this sculpture for instance. No one knows what it is and some of the pillars have carvings of what seems to be long extinct animals. (Weeeird)


Underwater Locomotive

Plagued by barnacle for over 160 years, what was later discovered in 1985 to be a train graveyard was found at the bottom of the sea in New Jersey.

Probably lost as a result of an accident during transportation, these models sate back to the 1850s.

Now this is one I’d love to see.

underwater locomotive

Underwater loco


Yeah, you read right. I’m so confused cos just on land you see about three species of spiders you’ve never seen before and now they’re morphing into sea conquering creatures. (I’m truly stressed)


Christ of the Abyss

This is a submerged statue of Jesus Christ located at the bottom of the Mediterranean sea.

It is not exactly abandoned but is left at the bottom of the sea where elements of nature have taken over the statue. It is corroded with an endless growth of crustaceans on it..

Christ of the abyss

In conclusion, I’m well aware there is still so much to explore in the sea. In fact, I’m guessing some of you might have had personal experiences with your explorations.

You can always share your stories  and photos with us. Let’s hear your travel tale. 😀

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