Agon Abuja’s sixth edition, ‘Six and the City’ I must say was easily one of my favorite day activities in the year so far.


It might be rather strange to hear as I particularly am not an ardent football fan. (Boooo! yeah, I know)

However the event was packed with a whole lot of other social activities and of course food (my favorite part). With a very hands-on team, the waviest of all DJs who made me channel my inner Shakira and of course, the beautiful people of Abuja, it  was a movie!

Even when mother nature hit us with the best of her thunderstorms, she couldn’t hold us down from having a good time.

What’s Agon though?

So ‘Agon’ is an ancient Greek word which simply means combat. In this context it was in regards to athletics, arts or theatre.

It is also in the light of this context that the “Six and the City” crooners take their name. It is a yearly, 1 day  5-a-side football competition; 8 teams (both male and female) , a trophy and some cash “moneh”. (I mean, how cool is that?)

Another thing that was brilliant about Agon were their hash tags and the team names. Below are the various team jerseys and their names modeled by the AgonAbuja members.


Jabi Hurricanes (Agon 6 team)


Jamrock FC (Agon 6 team)


Get Messi (Agon 6 team)


Chech Urself (Agon 6 team)


Keje Spurs (Agon 6 team)


Rolls Reus

BaBanks Fc (Agon 6 team)

BaBanks Fc


Lahmageddon (Agon 6 team)

Lahmageddon (Agon 6 team)

If you missed out on this year’s edition, there’s no need to bawl cos it’s going to be even bigger and better next year.

Do you think you have what it takes to compete for the title and the trophy?



Wanna be a vendor at the next year’s edition?

These questions and whatever other enquiries you have , you can reach the team right here.

Here are some photos from their amazing professional photographers.

P. S. Excuse the awkward smile



Winners of the Agon 6 competition (Get Messi)

Winners of the HexAgon competition (Get Messi)

IMG_20170531_112736_776 - CopyIMG_20170531_112829_663 - CopyIMG_20170531_112718_772

To see more photos from the event check their Instagram page agon_abj .

PhotoCredit :

All Images in the post are from the official Instagram and Twitter Pages of The AgonAbuja group and KolimoMedia

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