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Kaduna’s name is derived from the Hausa word “kada” for crocodile (“kaduna” being the plural form).

Kaduna, up until a few days ago is one place I’d always wanted to visit.

Kinda strange that I hadn’t been , right?

However, last weekend, I totally changed that!

You know how the universe kinda aligns and the little things just fall in place? Serendipity?

This definitely was my case when some friends contacted me. They were going to ride the train there for a day and I totally jumped on that. (pun intended)


While you might be wondering why I’d be so excited, I’d just explain anyway.

About two posts ago I’d mentioned I’d never been on a train before. In other words, I was just totally pumped to be doing two new things all at once.

I dare say my excitement was definitely in order. 😀

Anyways, here’s how my day trip to “Croc City” went…

The Train Ride

The train and the ride were just as I imagined it would be!


Well, maybe a little slower but in the end, I was glad I got to catch the beautiful scenery of the Northern landscape.

The features of the area, from the rising hills to their mud huts , farms and aesthetically pleasing monoliths were a delight to take in.




The coaches were so comfortable and very neat! Enough sleep and leg room; a travelers two most  important things.

I truly would pick a train ride over a road trip. (Yup, that comfortable)



Snapchat-833860908Regrettably, passengers were a bit camera shy and I couldn’t get the best of the interior.

It took approximately 2hrs to get from the Kubwa station to the Rigasa station in Kaduna. (that’s really good time, yes?)

The City of Kaduna

Finally here and really excited , I must say the town is huge! I truly didn’t anticipate the time it would take me to settle down and move from point A-B.

In case you wanna visit KD at any point, here are two things you really should make sure of

  • Map out an itinerary of the places you’d like to visit and how you plan on commuting to said places
  • If you do not understand Hausa get someone who does. This eases a whole lot of stress in communication as most vendors or transport workers communicate mostly in Hausa.
  • Make enquiries as to where or what not to go or do. You wouldn’t want any misunderstandings even in the case of plausible ignorance.
Here's Tordue. My Hausa wielding, 20 something year Kaduna resident, friend and tour guide.

Here’s Tordue. My Hausa wielding, 20 something year Kaduna resident, friend and tour guide.

Seeing that I had all three in check, my day trip started out to the City’s Museum which sadly was being refurbished and I couldn’t access the artifacts.

I however got these shots of an Emir’s palace directly opposite the museum.



Have you ever been to the Kaduna Museum?

What is it like?

That however led us to the place I was most excited about during my visit. ‘The Kofar Gamji Park’

To be honest it seemed like a bit of a let down walking through the gates. I  thought it was just another park experience until a staff said “The zoo is that way if you’d like to see.”

My interest was piqued and I moved towards where he’d directed. Then I came across these and I was  so amazed !

Gamji Park Vegetation


Me in the hollow of one of the trunks

Me in the hollow of one of the trunks





This is definitely a perfect picnic spot!

For the kids

It also has a play area for kids.


Another amazing and undeniable feature of the Gamji park is its peace and serenity.

There is no doubt that I’d pick this over city bustle.




Check out the geo location snapchat filter

Check out the geo location snapchat filter

I had a truly beautiful day; train ride, first time in KD, first time seeing crocs.

I did pretty awesome for a day of firsts’ if I do say so myself.

Would I visit again? Most definitely!

If you know of other interesting and amazing places to see

in Kaduna, drop a comment below and share with us

what you know.

Dream💭. Explore👣💚. Discover🔎📍


Shuwar · May 18, 2017 at 1:21 pm

Beautiful. I’d like to tag along next time and I’d love to visit Kajuru castle as well

    Iwuese Ahua · May 19, 2017 at 8:41 am

    Will keep you posted on future trips! And Kajuru is definitely one for the bucket list!

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