Now the perfect vacation is over and done with. You caught a premium tan, packed on a few inches at the waist, you’re relaxed and happy.

However it’s time to get back to work.

Just the thought of unread emails and and unattended files has you losing some of your vacation happy. (Bummer, I know.)

Even so, you’re gonna have to find a way around it. So, here are a few tips or hacks even, to get you back in that work mode as you ease out of your vacation blues.

Work the vacation board

Scheduling a return two days or even a day before resumption will give you a breath of time to catch up with a few stuff.

Work the board

For instance rest, unpack and tidy your clothes, clean up your house and get your spirit, soul and body together for work.

This might make a lot of difference on your first day of resumption after vacation.

Except you have a pressing reason to still through till the last day of your trip, a two days before is much wiser.

You sometimes never know how tired you can be after an exciting trip until you hit your bed. You know there is something special about ‘your bed’.

Reset your alarm

This is probably one of the most difficult part of easing back to work after a trip.

You certainly do not wake up the same time you do during a vacay and during work days.

Until your body and brain adjust back to work time, please get the help of an alarm before a query or two will help you to.



When out on a typical vacation, a lot of us don’t check our mails. As a matter of fact, you want to forget all about work and just revel in the spirit of your trip. Sadly, the mails don’t go away, it is right there in your box waiting for to attend to it whenever you return. The voice calls are also waiting for you.

Letters on writing desk

Don’t push it forward, it will only keep piling up. Block out time, and unclog them.

Answer the mails that needs to be answered, send to junk those that belong there and free up your inbox.

Trust me, an unclogged inbox is like a clean engine, it delivers power. It helps you keep your virtual work station clean and organized.

Take it a step at a time

There are lots to catch up on after a trip and taking it mouthful might choke you. One bite at a time, one sip at a time and before you know it, you have caught up on things.

stepbystepOne thing that will help you ease your schedule is to allocate time to finish up with undone things.

Organizing and allotting time to tasks will help do more within the shortest possible time and stay sane without losing the luster and renewed energy you gained during your vacation.

Shake it off!

Well revel in it but don’t linger longer than necessary. It was surely a great vacation but it is over so deal.


Allowing your vacation blues to drag on will hamper your productivity in some ways.

Don’t waste too much sharing gist of your travel or listening to your colleagues own story of their  escapades with undone tasks staring at you at the face.

Enjoy the blues but not too long lest you begin to miss the lines.

Catch some zees

Bouncing back from vacation does not mean burning out and losing the beauty you gained from rest and sleep.

Please still keep up with your sleep and all will be well.



So there you have it! I hope these tips and tricks will help get you right back on track. 😀

Feature post by : Ryta Abiodun

RytaDigital marketer with a keen interest in blogging, Ryta is an expert in media and communication.

Ryta’s inclination towards culture and communication also keep her abreast with all aspects of travel.

She also has published exhibits on  the Google Cultural Institute.

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