The Colour of Friendship

The colour run, Abuja edition was on Saturday and it was a total blast.

First off, the energy and excitement was totally undeniable. From the beginning of the run (read walk for me and don’t judge), I was so pumped!

If they had to gather random photos of me, I’d be the girl in the purpleĀ Bookings Nigeria shirt with the weird facial expressions dancing alanta .

Case in point *sigh*
Case in point *sigh*


Above all though, my greatest joy was being able to give back. Being a part of something aimed at making a difference.

Even if it was in the tiniest way possible.

So with a mouthful of colour, heart full of love and sore feet, here are some photos of the Abuja Colour Blast 2017

The Colour of Friendship

colour blast 2

colour blast 1colour blast 4colour blast 3colour blast 6colour blast 5colour run 7



For more information on the organization and cause , log on to to learn more .

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