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Our post  for today ‘ Dana air to the rescue’  is  written by Uddy Orizu, ardent traveler, tech enthusiast and  urban nomad.

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So few days ago I was flying from Lagos to owerri 7:00am Dana Air flight. The night before I went out with friends had a little too much… but I made the flight anyways.

Dana Air

We are about to land and I felt “hey, why not put something in the charity envelope”. And behold my wallet is nowhere to be seen. I searched every thing  and everywhere, even removed my phone from its casing to be sure lol ( yes that feeling )


A cabin crew member spotted me almost ripping the plane apart and inquired how he can help. At this point  I told him what my situation was… “heading to owerri, no wallet no cash no bank card”

the wallet


He gave me a number to call at the Lagos airport and before I got off the airplane there was a Dana staff member waiting for me talking on the phone with Lagos airport.

Having very little faith in my country and my fellow Nigerians, I was only hoping to at least have my bank card. Thankfully after a few minutes of further searching,  my wallet was found. Best part?  The airline actually sent my wallet to Owerri at no cost at all!

A Dana testimony

I could not be happier or praise everyone more. From the person who turned in the wallet to Airport authorities to the airport staff who asked a million confirmation questions to the cabin crew and staff of Dana air, THANK YOU!


In the midst of all the things going on in our beloved country this gave me hope for Nigeria. We are better together than apart  and Nigeria is much more than tribe, region and religion.  Let’s stand together against all this hate speech from people who just want to feel important. #onenigeria #proudlynigerian


Thank you Dana Air you have made a lifetime customer.


So great to know there’s still good in the world.

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