Friday Tip // Capital Living on a Budget

Thank God it’s Friday!


So here we are, another beautiful Friday; spirits are high, vibe is right and you can hardly wait  to  clock out.

However you have a budget on your hands. And you don’t want to have to polish silverware after your night of fun is done. 😥

What do you do? Where do you go?

Finding a decent bar in Abuja can be a drag. For me that would be one that covers, ambiance, good music, drinks and food! (Cos really, no good food? Wyd?)

Also one that doesn’t hurt you financially. (Of course there’s that). 💸

It’s why it was such a joy when the Crazype0ple bar and Keje grill partnership happened. Friday nights and every other night really, have a new meaning.

Crazype0ple Cocktails 🍹🍸

Ever heard the term ‘Mixologists’? Well these guys will definitely give you a good idea what this term means. Easily one of the best cocktails I’ve had. My personal favorite is called ‘The Godfather’; right amount of sweet and strong.

The Crazype0ple group is definitely one I’d recommend for any events you have in mind. It could be a wedding, house warming , barbecue, whatever really. Best part? They have a mobile bar so they could go wherever. How cool is that?


With a menu that covers a variety of cocktails, mocktails, shots, glasses and bottles of other select drinks as well. There really is something for everyone.








Another thing I really like is the set up of their space. Tables at the spot are set up in a way that you can have a group sit out and not have to shout everything at each other. That goes to tell you that the music is played at a reasonable enough volume to vibe to but still converse over.


Keje Grill 🍟🍖🍗


Ahoy, foodies and meat lovers alike!  I just wanna let you know that Keje Grills a mean mouthwatering chicken. (peep my word play with their name) 😂


Seriously though, their grilled chicken or steak and sides are the perfect combo to go with a Crazype0ple cocktail. The sides could be sweet or Irish potatoes or plantain; whatever your preference might be.

What Friday should look like
What Friday should look like



Then the Keje burger? Another magical experience for me. Sizable buns(lol), right amount of cheese, beef grilled to perfection and the veggies, not soggy at all!

You definitely should try it out, not even doing it justice by my descriptions.

With a little as N 5,000 you can get yourself a combo dish from Keje Grills and a drink from Crazype0ple Cocktails. I’d have shown you a photo of my platter but I honestly forgot to take a photo cos you know, meat. (lol)

It’s a Friday though, why not try it out? No better time than the present, eh? 😏

Location :

City Park, Wuse II , Abuja.

PhotoCredit :

Cocktail images sourced from official Instagram page of Crazype0ple Cocktails

Keje Grill images sourced from official Instagram page of Keje Grill


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