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Lately I’ve wanted nothing more than to travel Nigeria. Well, maybe the money to fund that but you catch my drift?

If you follow my posts on here you’d notice that I make A LOT of lists; “Top ten this, five travel that, all time must see here, must go there”.

This however is totally different. I honestly haven’t traveled widely within Nigeria and this recent wanderlust for home has come on quite strong. In fact, I have stalked other travel pages and accounts looking for the best way to travel Nigeria. So at this point I have come up with a dream (not using list anymore before you cuss me out). A dream that features five cities I’d personally love to explore. Some cities, I’ve been to or even lived in but never taken the time to be present in them (and no Calabar is not among, relax).

The ‘Travel Nigeria’ dream

As a result of my new found quest, I picked out places that appeal to me as an individual. In other words this is not a post coaxing you to some weird destinations with names we can’t pronounce. If however you find these are places you’d love to visit as well then that’d be truly amazing. Also if you’re a nature lover then this is definitely for the books.

Agodi Garden, Ibadan

Ibadan is one city I’ve been particularly curious about. Save for the twitter memes and trolling, I’ve never known anything about the town.

Recently, I came across photos of this lovely place in Ibadan I know I definitely wanna go. It’s called ‘Agodi Gardens’ Ibadan. Agodi Botanical and Zoological Garden is a serene 150 acre tourist attraction in Ibadan. Agodi garden is a site that is patronized by adults and children alike. Equipped with a swimming pool, inflated balloon arena and a picnicking area, the garden is alive with fun seekers on weekends and festive seasons.

There’s no doubt that I want to experience this for myself and I’m definitely gonna soon enough.


Okumu National Park, Edo

Okumu National Park formerly known as Okumu Wildlife Sanctuary, is the last habitat for many endangered species. Although constantly encroached (and regrettably so) the Park still functions a tourist site. With  varying species of fauna and flora including Elephants, warthogs, monkeys, crocodiles, kapok tress and shrubs. However wildlife sightings are rare as animals retreat further into the forest away from human activity.

Okumu National Park is an explorer’s haven.

Awhum Waterfall and Cave, Enugu

30 meters high and located around the Awhum Monastery of Udi local Government, Enugu State. The Awhum Waterfall is a popular tourist in the Eastern region of Nigeria. Another interesting belief attached to this waterfall by the locals is its ability  to heal and ward off evil spirits.

Awhum waterfall walls are adorned with several beautiful caves and a stream along the path to the fall.

Awhum waterfallAwhum

Am I getting you on this Travel Nigeria train, yet?

Abraka Turf and Country Club, Delta

Abraka Turf and Country Club is rumored to be the only equestrian leisure club in Nigeria.

Is this true? Do you know any other equestrian clubs in the country?

The turf comes equipped with facilities for outdoor activities to make your visit quite the experience. Activities at the the turf include kayaking, canoeing, golf, polo and horseback riding amongst other interesting stuff to do. I intend to go swimming in those emerald green waters that surround the turf!

abrakaturf-img11abrakaturf-img2abrakaturf-imgAbrakaAccommodation is available at the turf and is graded to suite your budget as well. So a Delta vacation maybe?

Lafiaji Beach, Lagos

About a month ago I came across some photos on twitter of thus serene beach in Lagos. The tweep @Thephidelia_ said it was called Lafiaji Beach. Photos from her visit to this ‘hidden’ beach were so surreal and aesthetically pleasing.



So the thing is, I in fact have lived in Lagos at some point of my life. However I’ve never had that heart clenching,’ day I’ll never forget’ experience in Lagos. I must add that I mean this in regards to having fun cos I’ve had my wallet stolen and that still hurts.

Anyways, the Lafiaji Beach is one sure place I’m gonna visit next time I’m in Lagos. I haven’t been to the beach in 10 years and I’d definitely wanna change that soonish.

What places here at home do you wanna visit or cross out?

You can share your thoughts on where you wanna go and maybe I could tag along too. 😀

Photo Credit :

Agodi, Okumu, Awhum, Abraka images : Google images

Lafiaji image : @Thephidelia_


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