Farin Ruwa // Old Girls Chasing Waterfalls

Farin Ruwa (White Water) Waterfall


“A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles.”

There are certain sayings that were just that while growing up. Like the quote just  above this post.

However a few weeks ago, as I sang my old school anthem and looked around at the ‘little girls’ I went to school with ( now women of course), I realized some things apply to our lives way more than we know.


We set out for Farin Ruwa at about 10 a.m. after meeting up at an agreed muster point. About thirty seven hugs, hellos and “long time” s later that is.

Road to Farin Ruwa

The trip to the falls I must confess was as funny as it was tiring. We took off from Abuja with the idea that it was just Nassarawa State, I mean how far could it be? Boy were we wrong.

The waterfall is located in a town in Nassarawa State called Wamba; about 4hrs from the city of Abuja.

Although I prepped myself for  a road trip I must honestly say we never ‘esperedit’. We in fact made a few wrong turns and ended up in Kaduna State at some point but were redirected by some kind locals in the area.


Best believe morale was very low at this point and we even made jokes about turning back as we had peeked the waterfall from a village away. However F.G.G.C.  GBOKO didn’t produce quitters so we gingered each other till we finally got to the settlement that held our treasure.

You would think that would raise a “whoop! whoop!!” on our ends right? Wrong again…..

The Hike

Reaching the settlement was in fact another phase of our journey and we were unaware we had to hike some distance to get to the waterfall proper.

We were even scared by the driver of another tour group who said his group had gone up the fall since 11 a.m and hadn’t made it back down. Either way we were there already, might as well get it moving.

But you see the thing about serendipity; it find you at the oddest times.

We had gone to pay our respects to the elders of the settlement and we were given heads up on a truck that was headed close to a reasonably favorable distance to the falls. So yeah, we hopped in the back of a “tipper” towards an adventure of a life time.


The White Waters

Next phase of our adventure was what made it all worth it in the end. After being slapped by tree branches, drenched by the rain and hanging on for dear life as we were tossed in the back of the truck on the most difficult terrain.

The sound from the gushing water had our adrenaline pumped to the max. We stomped and stumbled the rest of the way from where the truck dropped us off towards the sound.

I cannot put into words how awe struck I was, how humbled by the majestic nature at which this water and the hills from which it emptied from existed. Given that this was my first time seeing one, my heart raced so fast with excitement that all the rigors of our trip were tucked at the far end off my mind.


We took (some ) photos (our batteries were far spent), made videos and didn’t even realize we’d spent that much time till our driver asked us to round up cos we had a long trip ahead.

Hiking back from the fall to the spot we parked our bus was about 1 hour 15 minutes without the truck in case you were wondering.

All in all it was a totally worthwhile experience. Would I be doing again soon?

Totally in!

Things to note before you go chasing waterfalls

  • Wear the right shoes! I know I’m always on you about this but it is really important to wear sturdy shoes with a good grip on ’em. I wore sandals that were comfy ,yes but definitely not the appropriate type for the slippery rocks at the foot of the waterfall.
  • Wear ‘water friendly’ clothes. Anything that can dry off with a little airing. Take a showercap if you don’t want to ruin your hair.
  • You can take snacks in waterproof bags and share the load among you and yours to ease your hike.
  • Oh, you’d wanna get whatever you need from town cos there aren’t any shops around
  • It be really wise to leave for the waterfall early so you don’t have to wind up staying too late in unfamiliar territory.

That’s about it! Cost for transportation might differ based on you travel group but it cost us N 4,000 for a group of 10 + to hire a 14 seat bus.

Any further information will be updated in the post. So by all means, chase waterfalls as far as they take you.


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