Island vacations are usually at the top of my list when asked what my preferred vacay destinations are. However my wanderlust is not restricted to just the tropical islands. There’s Venice and Santorini which I constantly have a drool fest over.


I’ve asked this question a few times myself and I’ve gotten some pretty interesting answers. I think one of my favorite had to be “I think I’m more of a ‘with who’ than a ‘where’ person” cos honestly, the perfect travel bud can make anywhere seem like the getaway of a life time. Anyways, I digress…


White sand beaches as you know, are a thing I’m totally obsessed with. (If you don’t know this  then you really should check out my travel obsessions here )

I must say I was totally awestruck the  first time I saw the photo of a white sand beach in Maldives.  The water is so blue!

Travel goals on 100!


I’ve imagined long walks on starry nights and every travel cliché  possible; the good, the bad and the bizarre. And yes, it includes my phobia of being chased down the beach by a walking talking Michael Jackson impersonating dolphin. But that’s not the point.

I thought white sand beaches would be the height of my awe until I discovered black sand beaches actually do exist!

What's a Black Sand Beach?

Black sand beaches are formed when hot lava and see water interact. Of course these beaches aren’t originally black but the results of these reactions are so instantaneous that a beach can be transformed to a black sand beach overnight from the resulting debris.

They are located in places such as Maui, Vik, Greece, Puerto Rico and Raglan amongst a list of other places.

Read more about black sand beaches here.

Are they safe?

I know you would be wondering just how safe these beaches are. Thing is they’re actually pretty safe.

However they do get really hot and soak up water way more than your regular beach. Also the current is said to be strong too. So basically protect your feet, wear sunscreen and stick to ankle deep areas if you’re not a good swimmer and you’re good!

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