Holiday Guilty Pleasures

Hey people of the great republic! How are you? Happy Holidays.

(Or at least I hope you had something close to happy.)

Truth is, the holidays haven’t quite been what I would call exciting. With the endless queues; fuel, ATMs, banking hall lines and others I might not directly relate to, the word ‘frustrating’ would suffice in describing it better.

However, you can never  take away the joy of Nigerians. We still find a way to smile through it all; A gift and curse in itself, but that’s a post for another day.

So, what have you been up to this holiday? For me, I’ve had  so much to eat and drink that I’m almost always one meal away from begging my sister to massage my belly with coconut oil and dry me under the sun.

I’m totally aware that the holidays, a lot of people (I’m really talking about myself here) must have been home bodies for it.

So I’m going to share a few stuff I’ve been up to, and they’re totally stuff you can try out if you bumming out your holidays like me.

Holiday doiiingss (or not)

At this point i should let you know that I planned to be at the Calabar carnival this year, sending  you live updates of me going “wooooo, you wish you were here!”

Sadly, I’m not. I’m here trying to see how much puffpuff can fit into my mouth at once. *awkward silence*

Instead of beating myself up about missing the carnival, what did I do?

  • I followed travel photographer Rex1 on his Cross River tour. How? He documents his daily adventures all on his Instagram page rex1travel_photography  . He takes you on the most passionate experiences of his tour and captures the most serene images. Follow his Instagram enjoy his beautifully curated holiday tour.


  • In the midst of my faffing, another thing I did that shook off the boredom was to read blog pots off the most daring, adventurous and heartwarming travel blog. This blog Travelling Wanderer has to be one of the most interesting and educative things I have immersed myself in this holiday. I’m sure you’re wondering just what could be so great about it, I dare you to click on it. I know you would be opened to how much travel is more than just leisure and luxury, but a life journey, documented in the beauty of nature and how the elements align to make it all beautiful.


  • Working on vision boards, content plans and goals in general is definitely something I’ve been doing a lot of. Surprisingly, this is way more interesting than it sounds.

Do you know what a vision board is?

It is literally a board which displays your goals. It is mostly done by making a collage of images which relate to your intended goal. This is to motivate and stimulate you towards achieving this visual representation you have before you.


With the year coming to and end and a lot to sort out, making a vision board would be a great, purposeful way to spend the holidays.

  • Remember that part about me stuffing face? Well, I’ve been trying out a few new recipes. From stir fries to smoothies, salads and snacks. I would say that of all the things I tried, I think my homemade shawarma was a total hit! (Doofan and Onyeche will testify) and my favorite holiday ‘snack’ was my gin and ginger infused sugarcane bites, you should totally try it (if it’s your kinda thing.) Sadly I have no photos of my masterpiece, cos you know, I ate it all.


If you want a recipe however, drop a comment below.


Just cos I didn’t travel anywhere fun and memorable doesn’t mean I’m not going to make ‘the most’ of my holiday.

I do wish you an amazing one. If you’re away, do send me travel photos. If you’re home-bodying it like me then please, share some of the things you’re doing to keep busy as we wait for the year 2018 to come through.

Thank you for reading! Enjoy the rest of your holidays.



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PhotoCredit 📷: Rex1 , Travelling Wanderer, Pixabay, google images

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