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  • Budget Friyay // Capital Living

    Hey guys! Friday is finally here!


    I know January has been like 17 months and a half already (😫) and you’ve got your budget all planned out. And as you know, I’m totally always looking out for pocket friendly locations you and yours can chill at.

    So, for today’s “Friyay” recommendation, I bring you these 4 budget friendly places in Abuja to consider for your Weekend vibes if you’re resident here or pop in for a visit.

    This list was curated and reviewed by Miss Chioma Nwuruku of Eleanor des Fleurs, and hey, it’s almost Valentine’s day might as well check her business page by clicking the link  above for gift ideas for le boo.


    4 Amazing budget friendly dishes in Abuja and where to find them

    Seafood pasta. 🍝

    Restaurant – Chopped Bistro, Wuse 2


    Ambiance- cosy

    Service– average


    Quick note

    Although the name is kind of confusing because it really doesn’t have much sea food :/, this is most probably the tastiest spaghetti I’ve ever had!

    Caesar salad. 🍲

    Restaurant– Saffron Cafe, Maitama.


    Ambiance– cosy

    Service- Good


    Quick Note

    I never thought to have salad at Saffron cafe before, I always just went for a cuppa or juice until I tried their Caesar salad! AMAZING. It had everything just right and fresh too!

    Burger + egg and Fries 🍔🍳🍟

    Restaurant – Grandsquare roof top Grill

    Price– 2500

    Ambiance– Rooftop outdoor

    Service– Very good


    Quick Note

    When I was younger, my parents used to take us to Grandsquare for the best ice cream in Abuja so I have only fond memories.

    The Rooftop bar and Grill is a new addition to their store and such a pleasant one!

    The Burger was A1! And for basic meals that’s a big deal.

    I got the burger (with egg) lol Asian style; if you’ve never tried this you should!

    My friend got the lamb kebab and fries. The chili sauce that came with hers was so nice.

    They have a really good chef cos everything that we thought would be you know… normal, were really tasty. Even the fries. It’s like the spices just pop in your mouth!

    Spicy Chicken & fries (& battered prawn) 🍗🍟

    Restaurant- Nkoyo, Ceddi plaza.

    Ambiance– chic, African, fine dinning

    Price– 2500

    Service– Very Good


    Quick Note

    Nkoyo is one of my favourite restaurants in Abuja, simply because they just get everything right. It’s also very affordable and the chic African decor is exquisite!

    A very pleasant dish is their spicy chicken! It is properly grilled and tender, not to mention very very tasty!


    *tip: I never forget to order a starter of battered prawn! Simply delicious!

    So, Friday looking up yet?

    Thought so 😀


    I hope this helped some, not just for today, but maybe whenever you’re looking not to go way over board too.

    Also, great Valentine’s dinner locations, right?


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    Have a great weekend ahead!

    Dream💭. Explore👣💚. Discover

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  • Collaborate and Create


    1. work jointly on an activity or project.
      “he collaborated with him on numerous hotel projects”
      synonyms: cooperate, join (up), join forces, team up, get together, come together, band together, work together, work jointly, participateunitecombinemergelinkallyassociateamalgamateintegrate, form an alliance, pool resources, club together

    Before the end of last year, there was no denying the charge of  positive energy towards 2018 that was all in the air.

    Thankfully, nothing has changed yet and I am totally going to surf that wave as much as it holds up. How?

    2018  is going to be the year to ‘Collaborate and Create’ with as many travel bloggers and creatives that share common interests. It will also be a chance for me to take bold steps towards finding areas outside my comfort zone that I can learn more about.

    Why Collaborate?

    There are days when you just are “unable to can”. No motivation, no inspiration or worse still, you  have ideas you cannot properly express.

    On days like this I just wish I had a blogger bud I could speak to.

    Doing it alone sometimes can be truly overwhelming. However when you are able to compartmentalize, and this includes taking on projects with people that share the same creative or professional inclinations as you, it lifts a load off your shoulders. And, the exchange of ideas put a new perspective on things you might not have been able to come up with all on your own.

    Collaboration allows us to know more than we are capable of knowing by ourselves

    How do I get started?

    First of all, you’re going to  have to be the type of person people would be willing to work with. Your attitude, your passion, time management and work ethics in general have to be positive enough to draw people to your goal as well.

    Then, you would also do your research. You need to find out what it is you’ve been having a hard time accomplishing on your own or something you’ve always wanted to do as a joint project.

    Another  thing is  to find a team; someone or a group of people that share this vision or believe in this said vision.

    This can be challenging, co your ‘team’ might be people you have never had any contact or professional relationship with prior to your contact. Still, you’re going to have to ask and make your intentions and terms as clear as possible.

    “I usually don’t like diz axing sturvz, eez nor in my nature.”

    Sis, you’re going to have to learn. That honestly used to be me, but  you can’t keep self sabotaging yourself and your ideas/projects because you’re afraid of rejection.

    If one door closes you knock on another. With a determination to bring your dream to life, closed doors are just a chance to  move on to the next one. I mean it was a no when you didn’t try anyways, you might be surprised how many other people are looking for a chance to collaborate too.

    I’m not even going to lie, it gets a tad frustrating having contact over 20 people looking for positive feedback. Don’t give up though. Remember, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

    Open Call!

    So, what better time to start than now, right?

    This is my open call to all travel, lovers, blogger, writers and enthusiasts. I would love to collaborate and create with as many of you as you would do me the honor to.

    You can indicate in the comment section below or drop your email addresses and we can totally talk about it.

    Looking forward to a very productive year and I wish you all the best in your projects. 🙂

    Photo Credit  📷: Pinterest, pixabay

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  • Wandering Feet // Hiking Tales

    Into the wild I go:

    losing my way, finding my soul…

    There is a passion that comes with listening to people talk about the things they love.

    The way their eyes light up, the way their eyes glaze over, recounting experiences or how their laughter starts at the bottom of their bellies and bubbles all the way up and out of their mouths. It is totally infectious!

    This is the same  energy that Usualsuspect gives off when talking about travel and hiking.

    So naturally, what does Iwu do? Hunt him down and ask for an interview.

    This was supposed to be a recorded interview, however it  was the day I took a day trip with his hiking group ‘Monstatribe’ to Gurara falls for the first time. So, yeah, too much exploring and roaring waterfalls to set  that up but, here’s this awesome Q & A session with him you’d totally enjoy.

    Meet The Nomad

    “When Ogli Joseph Valacci is not being a Risk Management, Brand Management and Information Technology consultant, he’s a hiker, biker, writer and adventure seeker.

    Founder of the lifestyle platform ‘MonstaTribe’ an acronym for [Movement for the Obliteration of Negativity Stereotypes Tribalism and Acrimony, he aims to foster the spirit of togetherness, instigating the spirit of adventure amongst members of the society and creating the incentive to visit locations in Nigeria. His focus being on local tourism sites to improve the desire to patronize, develop and buy Nigeria and the Nigerian identity… “


    Facebook : UsualSuspect

    Instagram : @1usualsuspect

    Instagram : @monstatribe_

    Instagram : @thenetworkprojectng

    Could you kindly introduce yourself?

    My name is Ogli Valacci Joseph, I am a Nigerian, Christian.

    I am a Risk Management, Brand Management and Information Technology consultant.

    I am a capricornian, born on the 1st of January. Hiker. Biker. Writer and adventure seeker.

    How Long have you been hiking for?

    I started hiking 1999, but it wasn’t a consistent passion until 2009 when I found myself going through a very difficult phase and so I would hike to clear my head, calm my soul and get my mental compass pointing true north. I stepped up the rate of my hikes in 2012 when I was faced with the reality of how transient life was, so I decided to bond with nature, submerge myself in the beauty of the outdoors and see my environment from a different perspective.

    Tell us a bout your hiking group

    MonstaTribe, an acronym for [Movement for the Obliteration of Negativity Stereotypes Tribalism and Acrimony] is a lifestyle platform birthed on the 10th of January 2016. Before the advent of the Tribe, I had built and helped in building several social and lifestyle platforms, so I eventually set it up, had it registered, vetted and affirmed according to Government regulations and it was set up to become a platform to forge friendships, bonds, business affiliations and foster networking whilst incorporating the regiments of improving a healthy lifestyle, facilitating local tourism which helps to boost patriotism, instigating the spirit of adventure amongst members of the society and creating the incentive to visit locations in Nigeria, beam focus on local tourism sites and improve the desire to patronize, develop and buy Nigeria and the Nigerian identity…

    MonstaTribe currently has the Abuja, Lagos, Port-Harcourt and Enugu Chapters. MonstaTribe also has a City-Run chapter in Abuja that carries out week day and weekend street runs with a focus on achieving fitness goals.

    Tell us about your favorite hike ever

    My favorite hike was the southern kaduna hike I embarked on in 2016 with a few friends. We lodged at Kagoro, visited the Matsirga Waterfall then a friend and I embarked on an almost seven hour hike to the top of the kagoro Hills where we happened on an interesting settlement resident atop the hills and decended only for supplies and travel. It was a beautiful experience, the climb was done during the rainy season so we got pelted by heavy rains, exhausted our rations and drank from streams, but the most exciting part of the adventure was that, here we were at the crest close to the top of the hills, my partner and I, exhausted from the climb and almost passing out when a woman, barefeet and carrying a baby on her back, a bag of rice on her head, practically hopped, skipped and jumped along the bush path, passed us and bounded away as if she was a gazelle. It helped crystallize the unique differences of our various realities for me.

    I also made a friend, a seven year old girl who lives atop the hill and was descending to meet her friends who reside in kagoro town. The next morning after the climb, my friend and I went back to the foot of the hill to watch the cloud formations drape over the topmost part of the kagoro Hills, cloaking most of the hills in hazy beauty and we saw the same girl, Sarah, returning from church in the kagoro town with her friends and heading off to surmount this astounding and imposing hill.

    Life is beautiful even within the cracks of its flaws…

    What other countries have you hiked in?

    Ghana. South Africa. UK. Togo and Benin.

    If you were to write a hiking bucket list what cities would be on it?

    1.Zermatt, Switzerland. 2. Banff, Canada. 3. Chamonix, France. 4. Cortina, Italy. 5. Queenstown, New Zealand. 7. El Calafate, Argentina. 8. Mt Kenya. 9. Chimanimani Mountains Mozambique. 10. Ethiopia.

    Are there any tips for first time hikers or anyone looking to try out hiking?

    Before anyone engages in hiking and other related activities, I would advise that such persons carry out health status check, find out if you have any issues medically, take necessary precautions against, allergies, irritations, sunburns, exposure and always ensure you have a guide, pay particular attention to the guide and guidelines, be aware of your environment and obey safety instructions, always dress for effectiveness and safety rather than aesthetics and fashion.

    Make sure to take water, energy bars, Mentholatum, inhaler if needed, bad to store items and wear shoes with good grip, gloves and hats or face caps where necessary.

    Dream💭. Explore👣💚. Discover🔎📍