Have I ever mentioned that The Food Expo Abuja is one of my favorite things about moving to Abuja?

Well, it is. And last year, I was totally unashamed about my love for it. Of course, I didn’t attend each one last year (I’m not quite sure if this is true).

However, the ones I did attend were quite memorable.

What is the Food Expo Abuja?

Imagine a place where you could go to enjoy the best of everything food and drinks.

Where you have everything, from h’orsdeurves  to asun to pastry and some other stuff I can’t pronounce but are hella tatsy.

The food expo abuja is basically a foodie’s heaven; the Coachella of Abuja food events 😂

If you’re a lover of music, me testifying to losing my home training when DJDannymix plays should be enough to convince you.

If you’re the type to chill and sip easy, Crazype0ple cocktails has got you covered on that  end.


Another thing that had me sprinting for more portions was the asun from Kemi! First time I discovered her was at the Abuja500. Please find her when you’re at the next food expo and I promise, you won’t regret it at all.

*side note: Abuja500 is another event to totally look forward to if you’re on a budget but still want quality stuff, from food to jewelry to clothes and loads more. Click the link above to get more updates on it.

So, here’s a recap of my 2017 Food Expo Abuja.

Food Expo Abuja Recap

The Foodie Edition

This was actually  my first food expo ever! I was so excited and ready to eat and partay!

I mean with Kwaddy and Cheeky, it would have been quite a shock if I didn’t have such a great  time.

Plus it’s where I took my favorite photo of Kola ever. 😂

(p.s) My 2018 mood is unbothered like Kola in this photo.

Kwaddy, Cheeky and Kola

After this day I knew this was something I wouldn’t mind doing again and again.

The Food Expo Big 10

Shot by @kolimomedia

So you remember how I told You DJDAnnymix did a thing? Well, this was that edition.

Penalty by Small doctor had just come out at the time but I wasn’t all too familiar with it. Then Danny played it at the expo without the vocals, just those “I dare you not to move” instrumentals and safe to say, I lost it.

I danced so much that night; high on good music, life, asun and a Crazype0ple cocktail of course.

The highlight of that evening had to be unexpectedly  serving M.I. cocktails before his performance. I have to say that had to be one of my best Food Expos yet!

P.S. It’s where I got one of my best photos of me ever taken.

Thank you Kola!

The Food Expo ; Freebie Edition

With friends everything seems 1o times funnier, more enjoyable or more bearable.

And I was so glad I had mine with me. When my day took the most annoying turn I’m super glad they were right there, so we  basically ate the pressure away.

This edition of the food expo was pretty dope I must say. Cos there were loads of stuff being given out that day; food vouchers, airtime, and loads of other freebies.

Then the free wi-fi guy, another thing I always look forward to, can’t even lie. 😂

Besides going to stuff face, I can tell you the Food Expo Abuja is one place where you can meet a ton of new people, network and enjoy yourself all the while at rates that aren’t cut throat at all.

Never been? Don’t worry, it’s a new year and there’s loads of more editions coming up. Just follow their Ig page @thefoodexpoabj and follow all the updates so you won’t miss out on any one anymore.

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Photocredit 📷 : @kolimomedia

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